When you are obsessed with sharks

There is no place better to visit than the Georgia Aquarium when you are obsessed with sharks, sting rays, alligators, and anything else that lives under water. Which works out for for Raynes who just so happens to reads books, colors pictures, and asks all kinds of questions about the overgrown fish! Fish watching + people watching + air conditioning made it an all around great visit for Raynes and his crew.  With only one meltdown on the way out, 759 questions on the drive up, minimal fighting, and some salty pretzels in lieu of lunch, it ended well with our blowup mattress and hyper 4 year-old in the Westin downtown. Fingers crossed the new few days go as smooth.















Swimming in a Warm Bath

The heat in Florida gets to be brutal this time of year. Yes, it is a swimming pool town where we live really feels more like you are swimming in a warm bath. Not that The Littles notice or care. Summer camps are winding down but we have one last trip up our sleeves. Raynes has asked me, on more than one occasion, “what is summer?” and “am I going anywhere?”  Not to fear little one, your time is coming soon.  Britton has been away at summer camp with our church for the past week and returns this afternoon, we sure have missed her. This is her fourth year at the Methodist Camp and she seems to love it more and more with each passing year.  Kenley stays up late nights reading so she slept until 11 am today (must be nice), Raynes has asked no less than 6,785 questions today, and there is some serious laundry to do. The phone is ringing, Poochie is snoring and being the perfect lazy dog that she is, and Tucker is wondering if she will end up getting to snooze inside with the AC today. Never, ever quiet around here for long.









California Dreaming

My charred skin has started to peel and I’m having to eat clean to make up for the all the fun we had but… I’m still California dreaming.  Five days is a long time to leave our kids. In fact, it’s the longest we’ve ever left them. As soon as we arrived I immediately missed them. Thinking why didn’t we think to bring them with us? They would love it here.  In case you are curious, yes those thoughts subsided and were replaced with Why would I bring our kids here? It’s so relaxing here.  Mr. Robinson, on the other hand, did fine the first few days then started missing them and even thought about trying to switch our flights to come home a day early. He quickly came to his sense and we took the extra 24 hours to hike, talk, sit by the pool, shop (for him, not me. A first), dine, and catch up on sleep.


Having spent the last 7 week at PreK camp, Raynes has started to ask what is this summer business all his friends keep talking about and will he ever get to go to ‘summer?’ Next and final stop- family vacation for well, our family. Anything to escape this Florida heat. This week has been so hot that my hair grows poofier by the hour, skin damp and all clothes seem to hot. I’m ready for fall, just as soon as I squeeze out a little more summer.


















It Never Rains in Southern CA, but it can get hazy

They say it never rains in Southern California. I tend to believe it. It can, however, get hazy but… I’ll take it! It burns off after lunch and makes for the most beautiful sunshine-y day.  Mr. Robinson had a reward trip so his company invited me to tag along as well. Seems that lately, I have been compiling all my ‘traveling’ into one month (with another trip in the works). For a homebody that likes her routine and snuggling with her Poochie Mama, I am muscling through! This morning I hiked along the bluffs, while Mr. Robinson attended a meeting.  I found myself atop a bluff (mountain?) all by my lonesome with the song “This is Amazing Grace” playing through my headphones. Me and the King of Glory all by our lonesome atop that bluff. I’ve always been prone to traveling domestically to explore all that our country has to offer and this morning was a bucket list check one for sure.


The view atop the bluff/mountain






my version of a selfie




I’ve always had a thing for random trees






Sass a Frass

Sass a Frass

My mom is gearing up for a regional magazine article that will soon be published so she asked me to take some impromptu photos.  Mom wrote a memoir, Far Outside the Ordinary, and is working furiously to finish her second book. Keep in mind, it rains almost every afternoon in our town which is fantastic because it cools down the scorching temperatures. The down side, is it takes our 90% humidity to 99% humidity. Lucky us. Despite this, Sass pulled off a cool and collected look. When we were in New York, Mom would strike up a conversation with each and every Uber driver and on more than one occasion they would be surprised that she was a grandmother. I would then tease by saying, “Yes, she looks pretty good for 75 doesn’t she?!”  Sorry, Cliff. She’s taken.