5 reasons why… I know I’m getting old

Though I could come up with many, many more these are the top 5 reasons why I know I’m getting old.


1. Lately it has been hard to read menus, nutritional content on boxes, books and I’m starting to believe it’s not from the “bad light.”

2. When I wake up in the mornings I have to stretch my hamstrings before I can even walk to the bathroom.

3.When filling out an online form the birth year is longer, and longer, down the list of years on the drop down menu.

4. If you open my purse, you will find Tums, under eye concealer and contact solution.

5. Last week, in matter of two days I forgot Britton’s doctor’s appointment, my hair appointment (what?!),  and Kenley’s acting class. At least I didn’t forget a child. Again. 



15 days of Christmas

This is an old post that has been sitting in drafts since December. And so it goes…


Mr. Robinson returns shortly following a 5-day hunting trip out of state. His second round in the past two weeks. If you are better at math than me, that means he was gone for 10 out of 22 days in December so far. So what’s a girl to do? Party, of course. And so began, the 15 days of parties. Or, as I like to call it. The 15 days of Christmas.


Day 1: Garden Club party — yes, Garden Club is a real thing whose roots run deep in  T-town. Bee keeping. Florida bears and community organic gardens- that’s us.

garden club large


Day 2: Birthday party for a dear friend… with not a single selfie, post, Insta or tweet to be found. Sometimes when you are having that much fun there is no time to capture.



Day 3: My favorite’s nieces holiday song followed by an evening Christmas party with Mr. R– chili and bonfire style. And once again, nothing but a date on the ol’ iPhone and conversations with friends to commemorate.

PK4 Holiday cuz


stockings are hung on the banister with care….


Day 4: Rayne’s Holiday Sing-Along and Annual White Elephant Christmas Party- mama style.




white elephant

Day 5: I know I had something this evening but for the life of me cannot remember it now….


Day 6: Cotillion Club party (and pre and post and everything in between) and…. Britton’s first non-birthday party complete with a party dress and DJ. Sadly, no photos of my little girl who is no longer a little girl.

cotillion lrge


Day 7: Lighting advent candle at church, (with a great sermon on how to be a gracious receiver- “A partridge and a pear tree), birthday party and Mrs. Claus party (again, for the mama- after all we are working overtime this month), and… Ugly Christmas  party for one of the kiddos.


birthday celebration for sweet Windsor.. the big THREE!


talk about a festive birthday cake!


Day 8: Allie Boone’s birthday party… with Christmas cheer for the parents that evening. Or parent in my case.




Day 9: Triple play evening starting with the annual WebbSteiner Christmas dinner… Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. This is really consecutive nights. The plus side? Mr. Robinson made it home just in time to join in on the evening fun.


garden club large-2


Day 10 :  A lovely dinner with Santa.. in what might as well have been the house I also grew up in.




Day 11:  Christmas Eve family service followed by annual party at the Hanleys. Aunt Bunny said this is the 30th + year they’ve hosted the celebration. Looking back, I cannot remember a Christmas eve that didn’t involve the Hanley’s home (with the exception the Christmas my Dad was sick– also known as the worst Christmas ever).


Day 12:  Family Christmas Dinner



Day 13: Post-Christmas Cheer at a co-workers house…. Loved it!


Day 14: Skeet Shooting with some of my favorite high school friends.





7th grade (full circle) Washington Trip

Twenty six years ago I traveled with the same school, under the supervision of the same Middle School Head, to the same city and same hotel. Fast forward, and I am now the ‘adult’ (I use that term loosely) taking my daughter and her classmates on the very same trip. In all these years, I have never been back to DC and boy did we have a good time. A blizzard, a blind convention, and the stomach bug were waiting for us when we arrived in DC with 100 students and chaperones. And you know what? We had a blast!


With piles of snow abound, and federal buildings shut down for the better part of our trip, these kids quickly learned how to adapt and make the most of their ever changing itinerary. By the end of the trip, we managed to hit most everything including the Capitol, White House (although we weren’t able to go in for our scheduled tour), Washington Monument, National Gallery of Art (my favorite!), The Holocaust Museum, Museum of American History, Museum of Natural History, Jefferson Memorial, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, MLK Memorial, and on and on. We managed to squeeze in ice skating, a snowball fight and Embassy Row.






Subway ride- a first for many of our travelers.





Our rain boots came in hand– the snow came to my thighs.









A sweet group of 7th grade girls! Drama free trip.



Library of Congress






The changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetary





I can remember that trip, as a 7th grade student myself so vividly. To date, probably one of the biggest full circle parenting moments….

When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons…. or in our case, when the temperature is falling to 29 and life forces you to gather all your lemons, what to do? By golly, make some lemonade! I’ve received great suggestions from ice cubes, lemon cakes to lemon martinis! Who knew that this little fruit was so versatile.  For several years now I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, at our previous home to grow healthy lemons from our little Meyers tree. Finally, after inheriting this 13 year old Meyers tree we finally got us some lemons.  About 50 to be exact. A good life lesson…. when you suddenly have something that you weren’t expecting, find a way to make good use of it. Make you some lemonade! And so we shall (once it warms up just a tad)…