We’re not about to let a little rain get in the way of our fun this weekend.  Full steam ahead!


Tonight we’re having leftovers. Why not post some left over photos too?







This year my Mama (yes, that’s you Sassy) neglected to have this ol’ blog printed into an annual book. I suppose I should go ahead and do that, because as I am realizing as I get older, the days seem to go by faster and faster with each passing month.



Already, my crew is half way through school. Britton is that much closer to being a 7th grader. Kenley, a 4th grader- and we all know I’m not old enough to have children that old.



Of course, than I look around at the parents of Raynes’ friends, and I think to myself Wow, they’re really young!





I’m hoping once this rain passes through we will get a snippet of the beautiful weather we had last weekend.






Have a great weekend!


Weekend Simplicity, the encore edition

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr


Double dose of beautiful weather = double day of heading outdoors. Weekend Simplicity, the encore edition.

This time we walked, rode bikes, and scooted on our motorized John Deer tractors to one of the neighborhood lakes.  We also cleaned the house, tried organizing our Apple accounts, exercised and paid bills but that’s not nearly as exciting.

Weekend Simplicity, the encore

the emergence of freckles on a little boy’s nose….



Everyone in the family had a chance to hang out with friends, kick their heels up and enjoying the momentary pause in our crazy schedules.

Weekend Simplicity, the encore edition


Weekend Simplicity, the encore edition

K let me try a new hairstyle on her– so happy my baby doll is still a willing participant (from time to time).



Weekend Simplicity, the encore edition

It’s rare that this not a little girl, but not a teenager, allows me the privilege of photographing her… occasionally I sneak one past her (and Tucker who looks like she was ready to turn around and head home anyway).



Weekend Simplicity, the encore edition

Weekend Simplicity, the encore edition

That sweet little scar on her forehead? There’s a story there– a story with a back story. But that’s a story for another day. (story, story, story– have you every tried saying that really fast three times?)

Time to stick the camera back in the bag and start planning some meals for yet another week….

Weekend Simplicity

With the temperature trying their hardest to reach almost 70 degrees this weekend, we found ourselves outside a good bit.  When I say we, I meant me, Single Mom, and my trio.  Mr. Robinson has been in South FL duck hunting for the past several days while I did some online shopping held down the fort. We’ve kept things simple around here, enjoying what we have around us.

Weekend Simplicity 

Like meeting friends at the park to soak in the sunshine (and eat a little ice cream too).

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity


Waving to the neighbors as they drove by (or to the Mays Monroe delivery men as they unloaded an appliance at a neighbor’s house)….

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity


Riding bikes in a new location….

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity


Taking selfies in the front lawn because my three year old wanted to use my camera…

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity

Taking one for the team with this photo- cute of a three year old with his awkward face. Not so cute of the 37 year old with hers.



Finding new parks to explore which sometimes are located in overlooked locations like a nearby church….


Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity

Identity crisis perhaps? Shark or pirate? Shark bike helmet found here.



Weekend Happenings {new local photographer}

And for all you local friends, I am excited to report that there is a fabulous photographer, Brittany Morgan, that is moving to the area this Spring  Her company is  Brittany Morgan Photography (and her father is the pastor of our church) and she specializes in natural light photography (my favorite)! Her husband is in the military so she’s captured many military homecomings that are so moving.  Brittany is oozing with talent and I am so thrilled to have her in our little town soon.



Not being much of a pork (or red meat) fan myself, it’s hard to get my excited to cook these meats. Much to my surprise, all three of my kiddos ate up my simple pork recipe earlier this week that I had to cook it again tonight. Can’t ever get enough protein in this house.  My latest favorite Trader Joe find is this mac and cheese which can be quickly heated up on a weeknight.

trader joes mac and cheese


So I may have done a tiny, teeny, little bit of online browsing this three day weekend.  I may, or may not (depending of whether Mr. Robinson reads this), have ordered this little bag to help me finish out this more-to-come winter season.



Alright Mr. Robinson, come on home. We’ve all missed you!


Always Workin’

We, like most families, always seem to be workin’ around here.  At least that’s how it feels. Santa’a (tall and handsome) elf put together a late Christmas gift this weekend (and with no swearing or sweat I might add. A first!).  Work seems to have been the theme of our weekend at the Robinson household.

Always Workin' via grateful simplicity

tongue = concentration


The lawn, even in the winter, needs tending to. Thankfully our yard man is a dependable as the come.

Can you spot the similarities between these two Michaels? Hint: look at their mouthes

Always Workin' via grateful simplicity


Even if it takes him a tad longer with his junior-sized John Deere, this guy gets the job done.

Firsts: He spotted a friend in the neighborhood.  Wasn’t he surprised to find a three year old boy across the street on, get this, a junior-size four-wheeler. Immediate friends!

Always Workin' via grateful simplicity



Homework is the highlight of Kenley’s day. If she manages to still have homework leftover by the time we arrive home in the late afternoon/early evening, the girl can’t wait to set up shop at the kitchen bar so she can get to work! A test? That’s even more exciting because she ‘gets’ to prepare days in advance! If only I had had that kind of enthusiasm for academics when I was her age….

Always Workin' via grateful simplicity



Firsts:  Then there’s the third kid who I’ve neglected terribly I suppose. Starting with the fact that I’ve obviously never taught the little fellow how to properly hold a pencil. Bad, mama.  For the first time, I’ve started working with him to trace letters.  Don’t tell Department of Children and Families, please.

Always Workin' via grateful simplicity


Sneaking kisses- which Kenley will have none of. She has to study, remember!

Always Workin' via grateful simplicity


Always workin’? Don’t let them fool you.



2015: The Year of Simplicity

2015: The Year of Simplicity

When I haven’t posted anything in a while, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  I just turned on Pandora and the Christian Contemporary Christmas station is still playing. Yes, I suppose it’s been a good week or so.


Simplified: applesauce and water


As with most situations in my life, I’ll start by making a list.


My goal in 2015 was/is to simplify our lives.  With both parents now working full time with 3 young and active children this is key.  Here’s some tweaks I’ve made to try to do just that.


1.  Move the girls off-campus after school activities, on-campus.  It’s too hard trying to leave work/school to drive them to off campus activities, particularly when their school offers sports, arts, academics and everything in between.  We started with Kenley enrolling in two after-school art classes beginning this week. Britton may, or may not, continue with her Monday afternoon ballet class.  Life is about choices, and we’re still working through those choices.

2.  Workouts have conveniently returned. Bless my sweet hubby’s heart– the man gave me an indoor gym for Christmas! We now have an elliptical, flat screen TV, mat, towels, an assortment of weighted dumb bells, jump ropes and steps in our heated/cooled garage. No more running (or lack thereof)  in the early morning dark, looking over my shoulder.  This means I can exercise before work (5:30 am) which makes me less grouchy, less fluffy and much happier.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

3. Scaling down from two jobs to one.  Waking up at 5:20 a.m. to help my sweet Mama with her publicity/social media, has come to an end. I had to make a choice- a little extra pocket change or exercise,  Once again, a choice to simplify was made.


Simplified: return of the nap

Simplified: return of the nap

4. My oven has a delayed start- who knew. We welcome the smell of baked potatoes, bread and the such when we arrive home at nights now.

5.  Lunches will always be a working lunch from now on.  I’ve come to accept that making the 30 minute round-trip drive home for lunch is worth it. I manage to toss a load of laundry into the dryer, clean kitchen dishes, run dishwasher, make beds, let Poochie outside, wipe counters and start dinner. Oh, I eat lunch too.  This is a give-you-indigestion kind of lunch hour but the benefit of walking into a clean and prepped home at the end a long day is well worth the cost.


Simplified: Making sure they learn how to be a good friend- starting at home.

Simplified: Making sure they learn how to be a good friend- starting at home.

6. Giving myself some slack at dinner time.  Once a week, if we eat leftovers or even worse… drive through dinner… the Dinner Police are not going to arrest me.  In fact, they probably won’t even notice.  There’s no reason for me to cook 7 nights a week.  Setting my expectation bar a tad lower makes me breathe easier (and my children smile– who doesn’t love  an impromptu Chic Fil A for dinner).  Whew, glad I got that off my chest (although I still cringe when we eat anything out during the week).

7. Prep, prep, then when I’m done, prep some more. Lunches, for the most part, get packed the night before. Outfits for the entire week (including myself) are laid out on Sundays.  Meals, no questions asked, need to be planned in advance. There’s no such thing as winging it when I’m preparing 75 meals/work week for my crew.  As my friend Autumn pointed out recently, if I am willing to sacrifice two-three hours on Sunday to prepare, the week will run much smoother. She was right.


Britton and friends over the Christmas break.

Simplified: friends


Simplified: online shopping (First (successful) Joss &Main purchase. Outdoor carriage lights)

Simplified: online shopping (First (successful) Joss &Main purchase. Outdoor carriage lights)

Simplified, simplified, simplified. It gonna have to work.

2015: The Year of Simplicity

No preppin' for the Poochie Mama.

Simplified: homemade haircuts return for the Poochie Mama (I’m sporting a new do too– bangs!)