I’m going to Miami

I’m going to Miami  

Friends since Kindergarten, we all gathered around our friend as she walked down the aisle for a teary and tender ceremony.

I'm going to Miami

It’s not every day that Missy Elliott is at your reception (along with your friends Pepa, Kim, and Trina– um, she has 1.2 million instagram followers?!).

I'm going to Miami     And then…. we danced.



Such nice friends I have. They say “everyone make an ugly face” and I’m the only one that does.

I'm going to Miami

especially the girl in the purple dress, second from left. She remembered to pack her dancing shoes all right.

I'm going to Miami

Can you guess who is wearing prescription sunglasses?

I'm going to Miami

What? It’s Christmas?








We also perfected the art of “the selfie”— as did everyone else who took on the view of the Miami Beach skyline.



Congratulations, sweet Danya. We are lucky to have friends that have been at every milestone moment for the past 30 years. xo


Tallahassee Woman Magazine

Kicking it up another notch, the current issue of Tallahassee Woman magazine has a black stiletto, pearl wearing Sassy on the cover.  Not only does she look my age, she may even look a bit younger than me.  If you happen to follow her on Facebook, you probably know that some pretty cool things have been keeping this not-your-typical-Granny quite busy.  Just ask Kenley who is still fuming her Sassy had the audacity to skip out on Grandparent’s Day in lieu of a Dallas book signing.  I mean, imagine- a life of her own? How dare she. 




Yes, it is true that a screen writer is thick in the process of taking her 200+ page book and writing a 100+ page screenplay from it (and it’s killing me waiting to read it). Will it go to the big screen? Who knows– but then again, who thought Sassy was going to write a book (and a good one at that?).  Makes me pretty proud!

Bring it on, Santa

What mom isn’t a sucker for some good ol’ fashion Santa photos?  Lucky for us, Santa is kind enough to dash away from the North Pole to visit the Financial Advisers and their families each Christmas at Mr. Robinson’s annual office party.


Bring it on, Santa!


Bring it on, Santa via grateful simplicity



All 79 pounds on The Jolly Guy's lap

All 79 pounds on The Jolly Guy’s lap


Bring it on, Santa via grateful simplicity

All he seems to want for Christmas is sunglasses and a wallet (the byproduct for riding to school with Daddy every morning).





Ho ho ho to Friday.

Annual Webbsteiner Dinner

Seems like only a few months ago we were at Mom and Dale’s for our Annual Webbsteiner Dinner.  Yet, here we are again, one year later.


The number of children may not have increased this year, but the fun factor certainly did.



A poodle through and through.


Can’t you see this crew in 10 years doing this same thing (around a slightly larger and faster automobile?)

Annual Webbsteiner Dinner via grateful simplicity











What little boy doesn’t like spending time in the country? Cowboy boots and a dirt road is one of the few things you need for a take-a-deep-breath kind of life.




A new favorite snapshot.




22 days left.. But who’s counting?