The Lord’s Prayer

As part of our night time routine, I’ll brush Raynes’ teeth, maybe read him a book, then we say the Lord’s Prayer.

It’s been recited countless times.  “Our Father, who art in heaven,: hallowed by thy name…”  It may seem like a big (and formal) prayer for such a small child but over the summer, I listened to a “The Life You Love” Podcast (via Life in Grace) that reshaped my view of this age-old prayer. It was based, in part, by John Kleining’s book Grace Upon Grace.


3rd grade bible presentation for Kenley - 2014

3rd grade bible presentation for Kenley – 2014


Prayer should come as easily and naturally to us as breathing or eating.  Yet, we all know how hard it is to pray.  

Prayer, mostly, seems to go against the grain.  

Unless we are quite desperate and have reached the end of our rope, we would rather not ask God for help.  

We know that we should pray.

We would like to pray more regularly, ardently, and spontaneously.  

The harder we try, the more we seem to fail.

But that’s how it’s meant to be.  

Christ lets us fail when we pray by ourselves so that we rely on His intercession for us.  

Oddly, our success in prayer comes from our personal failure and our willingness to carry on as He works for us and with us.  

Unlike us, Jesus is an expert at prayer…..He is its best practitioner…..He takes over for us when we fail, and intercedes FOR us.  

He fulfills God’s call to us to be praying people and get us to join Him in His praying.

Jesus does not leave us by ourselves in prayer.  

He helps us at every step…..

Long before we ever began to pray, He was praying for us and for our salvation.

Whether we pray, or don’t pray, whether we’re awake, or asleep, He prays for us..

And he prays with us so that we can join Him in his praying.

Jesus teaches us how to pray by giving us the Lord’s Prayer.

This is His prayer, a prayer that He prays.

By giving us His prayer, He includes us in His relationship with His Father and allows us to act as if we were Him, dressed up in Him.

He therefore identifies Himself with us and with our needs, necessities, and sins, and temptations.

He joins Himself to us so that we can be where He is before God the Father.

We need not be anxious about whether God is pleased with us or whether He will give us a favorable hearing.

We need not worry about what to pray for, or how, because Jesus covers us with his righteousness and perfects our prayers.

Our performance does not matter; what matters is Jesus and our faith in Him as our intercessor.

.The Lord’s Prayer makes praying simple and easy for us because, as we use it, we pray together with Jesus.

It is much more important that we pray it regularly than that we wait until we have enough time to pray it at length and in great detail with deep ardor and and heartfelt devotion.

Satan,quite commonly, uses our spiritual enthusiasm against us.  He gets us to go on a prayer binge because he knows we will not be able to sustain it.  Then, when we fail, he uses our failure against us to argue that praying is not for us.



The Lord's Prayer



As a side note – if you’ve haven’t heard Edie’s podcast you really should download it from iTunes.  Her perspective (and cute southern twang)  might just get you thinking in a new way…


5 minutes of a mother’s thoughts

Assignment Inspiration from my friend, Shea.


The humidity is tangible

The humidity is tangible- my view this morning

5 minutes of a mother’s thoughts…


What time did I go to bed last night? 9;30? Such a waste of a Friday night- I couldn’t even stay awake until the girls went to bed.  I didn’t even hear the thunder storm. What time was that? Everyone is sleeping now.

Should I run now while I can slip away? I don’t want to run on a Saturday morning at 7:45 am!  Then I’ll be sweaty and have to shower. Will I ever have a day to myself again?What do we have to do today? Oh, Britton has a birthday party. What time is that? Have I bought a gift? What would the little girl want? Do I have scotch tape?  I’ll probably need to go to Target.

Does the party start during Raynes’ nap? I wonder if Mike can take her. What is he doing today? Do I have wrapping paper? What if Kenley wants to have a friend ? Maybe I should take Raynes to visit his cousins- poor guy never goes anywhere. He slept terrible last night. He’ll be fussy all day now. 

Why is he so scared at night? I shouldn’t have taken away his pacifier- now he’s scared.  Please let him be easy going today. When will fall get here? Maybe I can get a new pair of boots this fall.  Did anyone feed Poochie last night? When was the last time I sat down and paid bills? What is today? How much longer do I have until the kids wake up and want breakfast?


Woop. Time’s up.

Poochie is wake and probably wondering if she will get food anytime soon...

Poochie is wake and probably wondering if she will get food anytime soon…


Have a thought-wandering weekend!

September of Years Past

September of years past:


It’s been a big week of little milestones ’round here.

For the third time now, the “Bee Bee Fairy” has successfully flown into my child’s bedroom, removed the collected pacifiers resting under the pillow only and to take them to the babies and leave candy behind.  Check.

Ironically, he has been fine with this.


We figured since we were already rocking his world (or so we thought) we also thought this week would be a good time to start weening him out of his diapers at nap time.  So far, so good.


At this rate– big boy bed, underwear, no pacifiers… he might be ready to start growing a beard.


Time goes by fast.



September 2004 (Winthrop Park)


To date, one of my favorite quotes as by Sarah Ball who said, “The days are slow but the years are fast.”  Such a wise gal, that SBP.

And I have the proof –  I was hunting through old photos and clicked around to see what we were doing last September at this time? And what about the September before that?



September 2005 (welcoming baby Jackson!)


Before I knew it… I had visited Septembers of years past.



September 2006 (a tiny Kenley)



One month heart post-surgery

September 2007 (One month heart post-surgery with her Godmother, “Aunt Muffy”)




September 2008


Okay, this was technically "October" 2009, because the only 9/09 photos I have are from Grandparent's day and they wouldn't upload

September 2009 (Okay, this was technically “October” 2009, because the only 9/09 photos I have are from Grandparent’s day and they wouldn’t upload)



September2010 028

A toothless but spirit-filled September 2010




a few weeks before the arrival of Raynes… September 2011. (And I wonder why sits up aren’t working?)



September 2012… A first family of five in the Fall



B and K grass feet

Toes in September of 2013

Yes, it goes by fast indeed.


That week we had frozen waffles, drive through and cereal for dinner

And that’s just how  it goes.  Even when there is a well planned menu plan, some weeks it’s more of a frozen waffles, drive through and cereal for dinner.


As much I would like to have an thoughtful, articulated and meaningful post, it’s more like polka dotted thoughts.

For instance, today is the first home Florida State University football game (if you don’t know who FSU is, uh hum the 2013 National Champions) Instead of going to the rainy game, I am doing my part to support my alma mater by purchasing this Blue Hen golden chief bracelet. If you haven’t checked out their online store, you should.  My sister’s friend started this online store and is the curator (after a successful career at QVC!)


Lounging via grateful simplicity



Britton had her first Cross Country meet at 8:00 am this morning.  Yes, that is “a.m.”  We had three goals in mind.

  1. Show up when you say you are going to show up.
  2. Give it your best.
  3. Finish.

We are happy to report, although nervous, she completed all three.  Good rules in life as well. While we aren’t exactly the show-up-to-a-sporting-event bright-and-early-Saturday-morning kind of family, we all enjoyed it and had a good time.  I lugged the water, chair, iPhone camera and 2 year old sweaty little brother (little sister too!).  He was quite the cheerleader.  I wish I had run more in high school- now’s my chance to live vicariously through my oldest daughter.



With a rainy day Saturday afternoon comes Curious George and lounging.  A perfect combination.

Labor Day Weekend & Sea Weed

Labor Day Weekend – with it’s warm skies and sea weed- was a welcomed with an extra day to lounge, tube, and enjoy.

The weather initially called for 80% chance of rain but as life often turns out, it was nothing but blue skies all weekend.


labor day weekend via grateful simplicity   labor day weekend via grateful simplicity

labor day weekend via grateful simplicity   labor day weekend via grateful simplicity


labor day weekend via grateful simplicity

Dinner w/ friends at “The Point”






labor day weekend via grateful simplicity


The frog just might have been the most popular dinner guest.

labor day weekend via grateful simplicity


labor day weekend via grateful simplicity



labor day weekend via grateful simplicity

Emerson– jazz hands!

labor day ap-1


labor day weekend via grateful simplicity


labor day weekend via grateful simplicity

labor day weekend via grateful simplicity


labor day  golf cart-1

Labor day weekend, friends and sea weed- the perfect Florida mix!