Museum Visit for the Not-So-Classy-Family

Big Daddy (as I am going to refer to him – don’t want to take a chance with any “crazy’s” out there) suprised us last night by coming home early from a camping trip and decided that we should take the girls to the “Jr. Musuem” today. Those that haven’t lived in T-town since Putt Putt was around may refer to it as the T-town Musuem of History and Natural Science. So we packed up the kids and headed for a family outing. Luckily, Britton was able to be negiotated into NOT wearing her purple tutu and tiera. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be negotating with my three year old, but let’s be honest- sometimes (often really) its the easiest, if not only, way to get her to move along. Our first stop was the snakes- Britton is only moderatly interested. Afterall, they don’t have many bodyparts for her comparison.

Next on the trail is the “guest monkeys” visiting T-town. Immediately, Britton announces “I see their fanny, Look Daddy, there’s his fanny“. Now this conversation could have led in many directions so I quickly hurried her up to the next exhibit. The buck- a redneck preschoolers favorite. Britton has often walked up to random people at the park and announced “My name is Britton. My daddy shot a deer. His name is Big Daddy“. We are so proud. So as we are walking past the deer, brown bear, the red wolf” I am having one of those moments thinking to myself… ‘this is such a wonderful day, I will always remember this…’ only to glance over to see Britton lifting up her smocked dress and mooning the passerbyers. Guess my little one needs more culture afterall.


Mary Pops-n

Pops watched both girls today BY HIMSELF! Go Pops. Mom and I ran to the hospital to visit Betty- who is still awaiting the results of her CT scan. Britty and Kens enjoyed playing indoors today. Britton stripped naked and tried on all her different tu-tus and high heels all morning. Christmas tree is already down and we are ready to bring in 2007…

Ho Ho Ho- Christmas 2006

Testing, 1..2.. Test , test.
Ok, so blogging seems to be the “thing” these days. What better way to capture all the funny and memorable things my girls are doing than to blog it. Today marks the first official “blog”.

Britton was very exctited to find that Santa made a stop at our house last night. I am not sure if she was more excited about the dora truck or the M&Ms in her stocking. Santa left her a note that said “Britton, you have been such a good girl this year”. She looked a little puzzled when I read this to her, looked up at me and said, “But I was in timeout a lot yesterday…”. I love it!

Kenely (aka Kenley Pooh’s), being the ever happy baby that she is, was just excited to have the left over wrapping paper to chew on. At church last night, she waved to her boyfriend Jackson who sat in the pew behind us and said “bye”- this was a first! Then at Christmas dinner, she starts clapping. She loves the positive feedback (what I dub ‘her cupcakes’). She has gone from a little tiny baby that couldn’t gain weight to a real-fat-roll-smiling-good-eating-baby. After a day of opening gifts, the idea of simplicity is once again highlighted. Our family has been blessed in more ways than we could have ever imagined. And today, we celebrated the birth of Jesus. What a special day.