Museum Visit for the Not-So-Classy-Family

Big Daddy (as I am going to refer to him – don’t want to take a chance with any “crazy’s” out there) suprised us last night by coming home early from a camping trip and decided that we should take the girls to the “Jr. Musuem” today. Those that haven’t lived in T-town since Putt Putt was around may refer to it as the T-town Musuem of History and Natural Science. So we packed up the kids and headed for a family outing. Luckily, Britton was able to be negiotated into NOT wearing her purple tutu and tiera. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be negotating with my three year old, but let’s be honest- sometimes (often really) its the easiest, if not only, way to get her to move along. Our first stop was the snakes- Britton is only moderatly interested. Afterall, they don’t have many bodyparts for her comparison.

Next on the trail is the “guest monkeys” visiting T-town. Immediately, Britton announces “I see their fanny, Look Daddy, there’s his fanny“. Now this conversation could have led in many directions so I quickly hurried her up to the next exhibit. The buck- a redneck preschoolers favorite. Britton has often walked up to random people at the park and announced “My name is Britton. My daddy shot a deer. His name is Big Daddy“. We are so proud. So as we are walking past the deer, brown bear, the red wolf” I am having one of those moments thinking to myself… ‘this is such a wonderful day, I will always remember this…’ only to glance over to see Britton lifting up her smocked dress and mooning the passerbyers. Guess my little one needs more culture afterall.