Merry Everything!

Santa Claus brought Britton a bike for Christmas. She ran into our room at 7:30 am so so excited- it was “exactly what I wanted for Christmas” she exclaimed. She rode it on our steep driveway, fell into our knockout roses and decided she was best suited for the flat road.

Britton made her debut performance in the Cherub Choir at our Methodist Church. She sang We wish you a Merry Christmas and Silent Night. I am proud to say that she did not pick her nose or scabs. Whew.

Kenley loves playing the piano. Maybe she will have some of her great-grandfather Karl’s musical inclinations. He was the Dean of the School of Music at FSU and a concert violinist. I can’t even carry a tune.

This was Big Daddy’s Christmas gift. I commissioned my very very talented cousin Katie (SCAD graduate) to do an oil painting of Britton. I knew she was talented but it far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Katie!

All in all we had a wonderful Christmas! Surrounded by our family and having my husband and two healthy children- my “cup runneth over”.

I took this year as an opportunity to write each person in my immediate family, a letter telling each of them just how much they meant to mean. I think that now, 4 months later, I am realizing fully how our experience at Shands has changed my perspective. No day should be taken for granted, because in an instant everything can change.


Potty Anyone?

My little Kens is getting old! On Wednesday night, while I was leaving to have dinner with the girls I received a phone call from Big Daddy.

He told me that Kenley had taken off her PJ bottoms, diaper and walked into the bathroom towards the toilet. Before getting there she had an accident and tinkled on the floor.

Big Daddy was convinced that she was trying to make it to the toilet.

Yes, she likes me to put her on the big toilet while she sits there.


On another note, Kenley’s latest phrase is “Bless You” after someone sneezes. She also says “barbie”.

Running Away

Britton came into the living room with a hand written note, and a packed suitecase. She handed it to me and announced

“I am wunning away to da Norf Pole. I’ll be back in fouh days (translation- four days).”

Me- Where are you going to stay?

Britton- Wif Sanda Claus at da Norf Pole.

Me- But I will be sad if you are in the North Pole for four days.

At this point, she opens the hand written note to me to read. She points out that she drew a picture of me and Big Daddy crying because we are sad that she is at the North Pole. And once again, assured me that she will be back.

I glanced down to her suitcase to find, flannel PJs, 2 blankets, a book, a shirt and 2 diapers. That a girl!