Cinderella and the Step-Sister

In the last couple days, there hasn’t been a blog-worthy-funny-story. So, I will revert to a story from two weeks ago.

Britton has had a basket full of “dress up” clothes since she was about one. For whatever reason, she has only recently begun to use these frilly clothes. Items include feather boas, numberous high heels, tieras, tu-tus, sassy’s wedding shoes from 1972, and jewelry. Last Sunday, she was dressed in her cinderella costume all day. She made me address her as cinderella.

I left “Cinderella” and Kenley playing in Brittons room. Briefly of course. Britton comes out and, in that oh-so-proud-voice, says to me “Mommy, I locked my evil stepsister in my room”.

Thinking to myself, ‘wow, she really picks up on things in the video’ I head toward Britton’s room. I find the hall door, bathroom and both bedroom doors shut. I laugh a little to myself until I try to open Brittons door and it is locked. With little Kenley inside! Mike is 20 minuters away at his office, and I cannot find that little flat head ANYWHERE. Kenley was amused by this for the first 10 minutes then it wasn’t so funny to her. Lucky for me, she started to cry which meant she was at least breathing (she tends to hoard food in her mouth and I was afraid she may choke). Long story short, too late, Mike called a friend in Summerbrooke that was on his way to the office and he rescued the evil stepsister.

Cinderella wasn’t laughing as she sat in timeout waiting for her sister to reappear.