Food for Thought

People are often amazed at how many calories Kenley takes in. The girl can eat!

She has always been a good eater. Who would guess that only 5 months ago she was “failing to thrive”.
She would probably like to visit the buffet bar at 4 am, but mommy puts her back to bed. She hasn’t slept through the night twice in 10 months!
Now this is probably interesting to her mommy, but here is what Kens puts away in a typical day.

Breakfast- 2 waffles with syrup, handful of cheerios, half banana, water
Snack- 5 oz bottle
Lunch- piece of quiche, blueberry muffin, baked chicken, organic peas, noodles, water
Snack- 6 oz bottle
Supper- yogurt, lasagna, bread, green beans
Bedtime- 5 oz bottle
Often at 10:00 pm- another 5 oz bottle
Middle of the night – 6-7 oz bottle, always.
Seeing it all typed out, it does look like a lot of food. She must be working hard pushing all that blood throughout her body.

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