Kitchen Towels and God

I learned something new today:

It is imperative to keep the toilet paper roll full in a preschooler’s bathroom.

Apparently, she ran out of TP today. Being the ingenious child that she is, she decided that her pottery barn kitchen towel (that coordinates perfectly with her matching apron & kitchen set) would work just fine. I noticed a smell when I walked in their bathroom this afternoon to start the tub. I asked, “Britton, what is that smell?” Mind you, i have smelled it plenty of times before in unexpected places however it has been 6 months since the last finger painting “incident”.

Britton looked at rather proudly and said, “Mommy, there was no toilet paper so I used this (holds up the splotchy kitchen towel). I immediately check her hands and found myself praising “Good girl for washing your hands!”

Ten minutes later, with both babies soaking in the warm bubbles, I hear Britton telling Kenley about a game and putting washcloths on both their heads. I thought I heard the word God but wasn’t sure. So I asked Britton what game they were playing. She said, “we’re playing God. I am Mary and Kenley is Joseph”. May the Christmas season last all year long in your home too!