The Little Teacher

God can send us settle reminders, in the smallest of envelopes.

Britton was laying on our bed at 7:23 am this morning, just chatting away. I was quite groggy from having been up three times last night with Miss Kenley. Britton decided that mommy should get out of bed, since Daddy was already in the shower getting ready for work. So she repeatedly (but gently) nudged me and said “mommy, get out uf da bed, it’s time to wake up”. I then had a not-so-proud-moment. I snapped at her to ‘leave me alone, mommy is very tired’. Not one of my better mommy moments.

So how does Britton respond to this- her mommy snapping at her first thing in the morning? She reaches over to my nightstand, pulls off my thick bible, looks at me and says.. “Mommy, da bible says dat mommies should be nice”.

I had a mixed moment of such guilt mixed with great joy. Somewhere along the timeouts, blessings, little life lessons that I try my best to bestow on her- I must have done something right (so maybe it is the only thing, but its a start).

I think Britton showed me that God can speak to anyone that is willing to lesson- regardless of their age.