Fashion Week

Britton is an independent three year old and likes to pick out her clothes and dress herself. Gone are the days where Britton would lay in bed, quietly reading books until Mommy or Daddy came in to get her with a good morning.

Now, she likes to get out of bed and as soon her her toes touch the ground. She is ready to start her day, and what better way than by getting dressed first thing. It’s so cute to see what she puts on- each day a suprise. It never matches (and truthfully I would be a little scared if it did), colors nor season. She typically dresses from head to toe- a hat, shirt/pants or dress, tights, panties, shoes, and sometimes she even adds a hairbow. I’ve posted just a couple of pictures from what I have adoringly named Britton’s “fashion week”.


Food for Thought

People are often amazed at how many calories Kenley takes in. The girl can eat!

She has always been a good eater. Who would guess that only 5 months ago she was “failing to thrive”.
She would probably like to visit the buffet bar at 4 am, but mommy puts her back to bed. She hasn’t slept through the night twice in 10 months!
Now this is probably interesting to her mommy, but here is what Kens puts away in a typical day.

Breakfast- 2 waffles with syrup, handful of cheerios, half banana, water
Snack- 5 oz bottle
Lunch- piece of quiche, blueberry muffin, baked chicken, organic peas, noodles, water
Snack- 6 oz bottle
Supper- yogurt, lasagna, bread, green beans
Bedtime- 5 oz bottle
Often at 10:00 pm- another 5 oz bottle
Middle of the night – 6-7 oz bottle, always.
Seeing it all typed out, it does look like a lot of food. She must be working hard pushing all that blood throughout her body.

Life Lessons Only Now Realized

As I was unloading the dishwasher tonight, I started thinking about some of the things my parents used to try to teach me when I was growing up (note the word “try”) – and how so many of them turned out to be true! I tend to be very random anyway, so it is no surprise that these “life lessons” would appear out of nowhere.

I’m sure I will try to instill some of the same principals in my girls, and they too will go unrecognized until the year 2027. My dad has been dead for almost 9 years now, and I can still hear him telling me some of these things.

  1. Nerds make good husbands.
  2. always say yes to the first guy that asks you (even if you don’t like him)
  3. kill ‘em with kindness.
  4. If you hang with dogs, you get fleas.
  5. say your prayers each night
  6. if you drink a lot of alcohol you’ll get big
  7. Be nice to you sister, one day you will be best friends.
  8. the grass is always greener on the other side
  9. Turn the other cheek
  10. It”s guilt by association
  11. credit card debt is the root of all evil
  12. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’
  13. Be a friend to everyone.
  14. Death is part of life (ironically, my father died a few years after telling me this)
  15. Spend quality time with your mom/dad, one day you will be glad you did.
  16. Any my personal favorite.. if you have sex you’re gonna get pregnant.

Cinderella and the Step-Sister

In the last couple days, there hasn’t been a blog-worthy-funny-story. So, I will revert to a story from two weeks ago.

Britton has had a basket full of “dress up” clothes since she was about one. For whatever reason, she has only recently begun to use these frilly clothes. Items include feather boas, numberous high heels, tieras, tu-tus, sassy’s wedding shoes from 1972, and jewelry. Last Sunday, she was dressed in her cinderella costume all day. She made me address her as cinderella.

I left “Cinderella” and Kenley playing in Brittons room. Briefly of course. Britton comes out and, in that oh-so-proud-voice, says to me “Mommy, I locked my evil stepsister in my room”.

Thinking to myself, ‘wow, she really picks up on things in the video’ I head toward Britton’s room. I find the hall door, bathroom and both bedroom doors shut. I laugh a little to myself until I try to open Brittons door and it is locked. With little Kenley inside! Mike is 20 minuters away at his office, and I cannot find that little flat head ANYWHERE. Kenley was amused by this for the first 10 minutes then it wasn’t so funny to her. Lucky for me, she started to cry which meant she was at least breathing (she tends to hoard food in her mouth and I was afraid she may choke). Long story short, too late, Mike called a friend in Summerbrooke that was on his way to the office and he rescued the evil stepsister.

Cinderella wasn’t laughing as she sat in timeout waiting for her sister to reappear.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been a wet, drizzly, sleepy Friday in T-town. Well, sleepy for Kenley that is. Britton got to spend most of her day at school today. After the long Christmas break, she was excited to get to stay for “lunch bunch” today. So much so, that she sat in the car this morning for 10 minutes waiting for the rest of us to pile in so we could leave. She sported her polka dot raincoat, compliments of her “Sassy”. She loves wearing her raincoat, even if we were to go to the carwash.

You may have noticed, that with all the comments I have been receiving, I haven’t had much time to post the last couple days. Ha ha.
That’s okay, I don’t need a lot of feedback. I’ll just keep blogging away anyhow.