Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been a wet, drizzly, sleepy Friday in T-town. Well, sleepy for Kenley that is. Britton got to spend most of her day at school today. After the long Christmas break, she was excited to get to stay for “lunch bunch” today. So much so, that she sat in the car this morning for 10 minutes waiting for the rest of us to pile in so we could leave. She sported her polka dot raincoat, compliments of her “Sassy”. She loves wearing her raincoat, even if we were to go to the carwash.

You may have noticed, that with all the comments I have been receiving, I haven’t had much time to post the last couple days. Ha ha.
That’s okay, I don’t need a lot of feedback. I’ll just keep blogging away anyhow.


Lovely comments

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    Your blog is great for me and my insomnia- I always laugh at your stories.
    I was thinking about Britton the other day when my co-worker said her sons favorite thing to watch on Tv is the Sunday morning service from Bethel – I bet Britton could really get into that dancing, singing, praising choir too!