Sick Days

Britton woke up Sunday night crying. She told me that her cheek hurt. She was very insistent that it was her check and wanted a band-aid.
My first thought was, uh-oh, we skipped brushing the teeth one too many times.

About an hour later, she woke up again. This time she said, “mommy, i have a feva”. And sure enough, 100.3 degrees. So she gets some water, tylenol and Mommy in her bed. The next morning, as she is waking up she tells me not to touch her cheek that it hurts. So I pull ALL her hair back to get a good look and oh-my gosh! Her cheek is so swollen! So, I keep her home from school- ask “Sassy” to watch little bit while I take Britty to the doctor.

Kenley catches everything so easily, the last thing we need would be two sick girls. Britton, on the other hand, is rarely sick. In fact, while working on 2006 taxes I found that we spent a whopping $28 on medical bills for Britton last year.

After showing up at his office without an appointment, and waiting only 9 minutes- the peditrician tells me that it is swollen lymph nodes. She seems to feel fine, no fever- nothing that a little amoxicillan can’t cure (I’m sure I have really mispelled that drug).

So Britton has been home the past two days from school- just on the off chance that she is contagious. We have had lot’s of Mommy and Britty time. I have been tweaking our reward system, and this week we are getting puffy Valentine stickers when we DO nice things.

In the car today, yes- I took them to the neighbordhood park because it was such a nice day and they needed the air-Britton gives Kenley a big hug for no reason. She does this a lot, but it was sweet to hear her say, “I love you Kenley!” with such a sincere tone. So I told her she could get a sticker when we got home.

Later today, while we were playing in the nursery Britton wraps her arms around me and tell me “I lub you Mommy- youwa da best!”.


Britton- “Now can I have a sticka”?


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  1. 1' says

    Glad it is nothing serious. I just read your comment from a couple of days ago about your friend who lost the child to cancer. How heart-wrenching. I just prayed for you as your comfort that family…