Chunky with a C

Now I am not one to like words like fat, chunky, big, or large when referencing body shapes. Don’t even want to go there. However, Kenley is the exception to my rule. Her current size is a direct reflection of how well her heart is doing. So being a little chunky makes me heart swell wit happiness.

Well, my naked peanut was standing by the tub tonight and I said, “Kenley you are so chunky”. And Britton piped up “She’s chunky with a C!”. I guess she is learning the alphabet well after all.
Earlier today, I was frantically trying to get Britton dressed for preschool. I don’t like for her to be late. Lately, I have been working on trying to be “less frantic” during the day. To relax, breathe in the moment, and let things slide (ie- toys on the floor, crumbs, etc). Wait, I am digressing.

So.. I am hurriedly (is that a word?) trying putting on her eyelet socks when Britton’s little hand touches my cheek and says, “Mommy, you are beautiful (pause) just like I am beautiful”.

What sweet innocence. If only all girls could see themselves beautiful.