Splish Splash

I was in Destin this weekend for Sara Britton’s Bachelorette party, and my friend Holly told us a funny story about her son, Jackson, playing in the toilets. She said he is so intrigued by them that she has to shut the door to their bathrooms. I thought to myself, boys.

Today, after I finished tidying up Kenley’s nursery I walked down the hallway to find her splish-splashing in her bathroom. She even tested a screw cover to see if it would sink (it did). Thankfully, Britton had flushed last time she had visited the scene. Kenley also managed to pull most of the toilet paper off the roll- something I had previously thought Britton had been doing.

I now need to go shower for the second time today, before heading downtown to the homeless shelter to serve food.

From this point forward, unless we want more water play, the bathroom doors in our home will be shut.