The Big Three-Oh

You miss a day you miss a lot.

Things have been very busy around our house the past 7 days. Last week I interviewed for a part time job that would allow me to work from home. And before I knew it, I had accepted and have returned to the recruiting world (must quicker than I ever thought I would). More on that later…

Britton has been on spring break all week. She was very excited to get to stay for lunch bunch on Friday (as was I- more time to work). When we arrived at her preschool at 9:02 I noticed that all the children had already been dropped off and thought it was a little odd that everyone was on time today. But thought little of it. I unbuckled both girls, totted them inside to sign in Britton. If you are “late”, you have to sign in at the school office. When I got there, Mr. Glenn directed Britton to the campers room and said to me, “Mrs. Robinson, you know that today is teacher planning day, right?”. Silly mommy. No, Britton won’t be stay at camp today (where some of the children can stay for school when it is a teachers planning day). So we reloaded into the car and headed back home.

On Saturday- Aunt Coco and I drove to Jville for a high school friends wedding. Made it a day trip, and in typical Garrett and Courtney fashion, we got lost on the way to the church and were 20 minutes late to the SERVICE. Erikka (the bride) would expect no less.

On Sunday, we packed up a large truck full o’ stuff and headed towards St. Teresa beach. We were so excited, we brought groceries- a pack and play, bathing suits and sweaters. The weather has been a little crazy here. Once we arrived at my grandmothers cottage, we had to spend 3 hours spring cleaning it. Then Kenley, wanted to crawl all over the floors that just seem to continue to hold the pollen. It was sunny but cold, and I brought few toys. You can’t really tell a 12 month old to get creative to play. Needless to say, we ended up driving back to T-town the same day.

On Monday afternoon we met Nana at the state park to see the azaleas blooming. they were beautiful. So were the flowers. Pictures to follow.

On Monday, big Daddy took me on a date. We even hired a real babysitter. He stopped on the way to Carabbas for me to buy a new outfit complete with a push up bra. Now I know why smaller breasted girls have been wearing these things for years. I felt like a new woman!

On Tuesday, I celebrated my 30th birthday. Am I really 30? I was a little overwhelmed having begun a 20-25 hour per week job during my children’s spring break. And when exactly do I plan on working these extra 20 hours? In between driving to school, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, feeding baby, playing with children, watering plants, paying bills, running errands, two bible studys, devotionals, etc etc.
In all truthfulness it is such a good opportunity that I could not pass it up. I hope to make it work. I plan to continue to pray about it, and God will show me how to balance both, without feeling guilty for not spending the time with my children or the attention to my work. Its a fine balancing act that I had perfected when Britton was a baby (and I went back to work full time) and I pray that I will be able to fine tune it again, if this is what I am suppose to be doing at this time.

A special shout out to my girls for the birthday well-wishes yesterday. Apparently, people do read this blog. Who knew?
Courtney, Shea (flowers too- while SHE is in the hospital, how sweet), alex, Danya, Jesyca, Angela, Kilty, Gina, Sara, Mom, Meme, Amy, Holly, Ali and even Sutton. I have been blessed with wonderful friends.