Dear Me

I came across a blog asking women to write an essay to themselves from a previous year. I hate essays but while brushing my teeth tonight thought, why not. I am much more of a list maker, so here it goes.

Dear Me in 1992,

  • A grill guard on your SUV isn’t cool, its redneck.
  • Getting your hair CUT, won’t make you less sexy
  • The tanning bed will wrinkle you before you even know what night cream is
  • Eat organic food- you will watch many loved ones slowly die of cancer before your eyes
  • Eat the supper your mom made, its a lot of work to buy and prepare creative, healthy meals 300+ days a year.
  • Enjoy high school, what “they” said is true- they really are some of the best years.
  • Don’t be fooled by someone that treats you any less than what you are; one day you will find someone that makes you unable to imagine a life without them. He will and love you absolutely unconditionally. And your love will be deeper than you could dream possible, and will grow stronger each year.
  • Tell your Dad how much you appreciate him working so hard, it takes a lot to keep a family financially afloat.
  • Don’t just listen to sad country songs, they only make you believe you are sad.
  • Don’t bother trying to be a size 2, be happy with the healthy body God gave you.
  • Go with your gut when picking a university, don’t go where you “think you could be” happy.
  • Don’t save God for Sundays, he is with you always, patiently waiting for you.
  • Enjoying living with your parents, they do most of the cleaning and laundry. Stay there!
  • Give your little sister a little time, when you’re not looking, she’s looking up to you
  • No need to fret about a major, your ultimate calling will pay dividends that multiply exponentially with each child.
  • Enjoy your stomach, even though you don’t think it is flat, after growing two sweet babies in there, it will never be the same no matter how many miles you run.
  • Go on that run with your Dad, even if you don’t think he’s cool. He will be gone much sooner than you could have ever imagined.