I figured it out. Britton has been crabby because 1) she’s hungry 2) she is hungry for my attention.

So I spent half an hour this afternoon playing barbies. Ken married two women- Tina and Banks- the decided he wanted to marry Cinderella(aka sin-da-well-a) since her step sisters were mean and tore her dress. I now hear Big Daddy in the playroom playing barbies with her. He held up the oh-so-manly-“Prince”-Ken doll and said, “do you like my boots”. Oh to be a fly on that wall!

After our afternoon barbie marathon, I decided I would sneak in a little quiet time. I was reading in Matthew about Simon Peter. One if his great life lessons was ‘it is better to be a follower who sometimes fails, than one who fails to follow’. I think a lot of people get a little intimated by Christianity so just avoid it all together. Or maybe that is just me.

On a completely different note, I just heard Big Daddy saying “pew Britton, you pooted” and he walked into the office. Britton comes running after him saying, “come back, it smells good in da pway woom now daddy”. Back to Barbies.