Field Trials

Britton’s school had Field trials Day and a chili cook off for the dad’s today. Each classroom visited different ‘stations’ where they would engage in that physical activity. For example, carrying a balloon between your legs, jumping as far as you can, basketball throw, two friends holding a rope and running together. The children got a ribbon at every field station that said things like A good sport is Always a Winner. Big Daddy had fun at her school too- what man wouldn’t with unlimited concoctions of chili, cheese, soda, sour cream and cookies!

We have had a MUCH better day today. So much so, that we went out for pizza tonight with some friend’s of ours. They have two little boys, the same ages as Kenley and Britty. We waited for half an hour for a table by the arcade before we said- forget it, give us first available. The kids had a great time coloring the elephants and playing with each other. The babies ate the entire 90 minutes we were there: goldfish, raisins, cucumbers, pizza, croutons, a cookie, water, bottle, and (hang head down) a little sprite.

After some yummy grease and cool soda, we loaded into the SUV and headed back home. Being that it was 30 minutes past their bed time (7 pm) they went to sleep rather quickly upon arrival.

I then started my night time ritual- straightening up the house (for the 14th time today). As I was unpacking Britton’s backpack, I found a Me and My Daddy picture she made. It says, ‘I love my Daddy because….”

  • “He takes me to Publix
  • “He plays dress up with me”
  • “He loves me”
  • “He takes me to the beach house”
  • “He hugs me”

So sweet. So simple. That’s all anyone wants. Is to love someone that loves them back.