Kenley’s First (Crazy) Birthday

Today was Kenley’s first birthday. Last year at, well about this time, 9:05 pm we had our 8 lbs 13 oz baby, dimple and all. We woke up this morning, sang happy birthday, ate waffles with syrup then proceeded to open the gifts that “Aunt” Shea and “Uncle” Paul mailed to Kenley and Britton. Growing up, Shea always received gifts on her birthday and intends to make this a tradition in the Robinson home as well. It was very thoughtful to mail to the girls, especially when she is due in a couple weeks with her first baby girl Railey. Jeanne, BigDaddy’s dad’s ex-girlfriend was also sweet enough to mail a gift to both children- which arrived immediately after breakfast.
After Kenley’s morning nap, we dressed in overalls (it has gotten cool once again) and headed over to Nana and Gan’s while me and Big Daddy went to an afternoon fundraiser (fried seafood, skeet shooting, auction, raffle, etc). Big Daddy then headed to his Wildlife Turkey Federation dinner at the fairgrounds while I rounded up the girls from the grandparents, only to drive Kenley over to her Great-Aunt Dee-dee’s house while Britton and I attended an evening shower for Aunt Sara Britton. (lots of Aunts and Brittons- confusing, I know). I always like to have my girls in bows, nice clothes and clean teeth. I thought I would have time to come home in between events to bathe, feed, and re-dress the girls.

None of the above happened, and Britton went all day in her overalls with hair and teeth that never were brushed. And Kenley… well, the last time I was away from her for more than 7 hours was when Big Daddy and I went to Amelia Island last summer for two nights. So the poor child was shuffled around all day- and on her birthday none the less. I’m sure after some intense therapy as an adult she will recover.
I then left the shower at the Mexican Restaurant, retreived Kenley, and drove them home (Big Daddy is still at his event as I type). Us girls arrived at home, finally. I am a Type A so being out past bedtime, and without a bath had me very uneasy.

I did, however, set a new goal tonight.

In less than 20 minutes, I had medicated Kens, bathed, dressed, and brushed the teeth (finally), and put both girls in bed!

Tomorrow is a new day. Back to clean teeth and schedules. We will kick around the house before heading to Sara Britton’s linen shower (yes, another shower) then racing back for my cousins coming to cookout at 5. Whew, now I know where the time goes!

I have attached a few pictures of the girls opening Kenley’s birthday presents this morning. Time for me to watch my tevo’d Oprah.