Kenley’s First Birthday

Kenley had her first birthday party this weekend! We celebrated with our crazy family joining us for pizza, salad, fantastic cake and ice cream. Kenley got to open some gifts and enjoyed every minute of it. Britton helped Kens eat her individual birthday cake. She too, enjoyed the cake. So much so that she threw up in the middle of the night. Lovely.

Big Daddy and I had a busy weekend. Thursday night, party for Sara Britton and Matt. Friday night- ate out. Saturday laid 20 bails of pine straw and worked in the yard for 4 hours. Big Daddy headed to Dog Island to scuba dive (at 5 am this morning) while me and Britton headed to church. Kens, of course, was dropped off at her Sassy and Pop’s house.

Tomorrow marks a big day.
It is the 9th anniversary of my Dad’s death.
It was Kenley’s actual due date. (Thankfully she came 9 days early at almost 9 lbs)
It is the next cardiac appointment- which should be quite telling.

She will have her 8th echo cardiogram in just 12 months. They aren’t any big deal, only it has become increasingly difficult for Kenley to lay still for 20-30 minutes with a cold, jelly tube rubbing over her bare chest. Good thing Sassy is coming along for the ride and to serve as a second set of ears.