Medical Monday

This is the contraception that Kenley was hoisted into for a chest x-ray of her heart. You can tell by this photo that Kenley just loved the final diagnostic test of the day. She will probably grow up and wonder why she has a fear of tight spaces….

Kenley had an appointment today with her pediatric cardiologist in Gainesville today.

We’re awaiting the results of one final test, but she seems to be doing well.

The hole is the same size but Dr. Paolillo still believes it is trying to close. I was hoping for that crystal ball which would tell us if she would, at any point, need surgery. And once again, were told they could not answer that. The cardiologist was a little concerned with her swollen right ventricle. This will need to go down at some point, or surgery will be inevitable.

He was able to cut back two of her cardiac medications and said that in a couple months she should be strong enough to be around other children. This will make a big difference in our day-to-day lifestyle. For one, we will be able to attend church as a family without first finding a babysitter for Kenley. Kenley will be able to birthday parties, play dates (maybe, if I get the nerve to really expose her), and maybe by the fall I can go to the gym with her. Maybe. Small steps. Last time we visited the gym she ended up with meningitis.

At any rate, I was very please with the doctor’s report. Kenley did her part to help prolong open heart surgery by batting her eyelashes at the ped cardiologist and flashing her dimples. He said when he walked in he was prepared to see a child that had not gained weight and was ready for surgery. And after she got done flirting with me, he jokingly said, “there’s no way I am going to cut on this girl!”.

Britton had a big day in the medical field as well. She said her Rice Krispies scratched her eye this morning – and yes, I did try to get her to explain how her cereal scratched her… Her school called while Sassy and I were on the road to Shands saying that she was still rubbing it and that Britton said she did not want to stay for lunch bunch. This was, very much, out of character. So Big Daddy picked her up, stopped for a well rounded healthy meal at Mickey Dee’s then she got to unlimited drawing paper at his office. Her favorite, and only, Godmother Aunt Coco relieved Big Daddy and spent the better part of the afternoon with B. By 4:30 she still was complaining so I called the pediatric nurse and was told to take her to the ER or urgent care.

Long story short- too late- she had a scratch on her corona and was treated with antibiotics and drops. She is doing much better, went to sleep having a tea party on her bed.

Long day, I am ready for my devotional time since I didn’t make it back in time for my women’s bible study.