A New Day, A New Word

While eating lunch today, Kenley dropped her sippy cup and exclaimed, “Uh-oh”. I thought I may have misunderstand this as “uh-oh” hoping that she had expanded her vocabulary beyond “Dada”.

Tonight, we had my cousin and her family over for a cookout. Once again, Kenley dropped her sippy cup and said “uh-oh”. Apparently, this is the third word she now uses. I guess Mama will fall somewhere behind “garbage truck” and “no thank you”. Full sentences, then mama.

Britton acted like a 13 year old for the better half of today. I would ask her to please eat her lunch (I tried to cut out all sugar today after last night’s sugar crash). She wasn’t happy with this, but after a few minutes in time out, she decided that eating her grill cheese may be more fun than sitting in her room for another 5 minutes. She really tested my patience today. Overall most days are filled with gratitude with intermittent moments of patience being tested.

Will see how tomorrow goes. By starting the day off with scrambled eggs- in place of waffles and syrup- good things will surely come! I take that back, by starting the day off with PRAYER, good things will come!