The Note from Britton’s Teacher

When I pulled into Britton’s preschool today her teacher, Miss Lulofs, came to the car and asked Britton to tell me what transpired at school. Britton was more interested in showing me the gold sheriff sticker that all the kids got. Miss Lulofs told me that Britton managed to hit each one of her classmates by the end of the morning. What?! I thought my 3-year-old-going-on-16 would be back to her sweet self by now. I took her to the neighborhood playground after lunch hoping some of this beautiful spring air would cool her off. While she was playing in the ‘pretend house’ I overheard her bossing her imaginary friend around, yelling at her imaginary friend! When I told her it was time to go, she snapped at me, “Don’t talk to me!”. My, my- someone got their Barbies taken away mighty quickly.
Tonight, we did something which we rarely do. We went out for dinner. Big Daddy had a his best month ever in the financial world so we felt the need to celebrate (any reason for me to get a night off from cooking, right). And Britton continuously hugged me, told me she loved me and wanted to scoot as close as possible to Mommy. If this is what it is like to have a teenage girl, I am in trouble!

Below is the note from Miss Lulofs:

Britton had a very bad attitude this morning. She was pushing and snatching play dough. She would not share with her friends or obey her teachers. We miss our sweet, little Britton. I hope she will come to school tomorrow.”