Who knew my little pumpkin liked to sit in her rocking chair and read!
Enjoying some of the last cold days in FL.

Both girls needed bloodwork, and I have been putting it off. We typically stay home during the day, unless it is a quick trip to Publix or to the park. Kenley still takes two longs naps with only 1.5-2 hours in between napping (oh the life). Today I had decided would be the “Lab day” to take them both for bloodwork. Mom asked if I needed help and I said, “don’t worry, I got it”. Mistake #1.

This is my first time having to take Britton to get blood work as a ‘preschooler’. So naturally, she is asking me all kinds of questions. “mommy, ahh we going to wun ewands?”. I say yes and when she asks where I tell her to the doctor. Britton, “ahh I getting a shot?”. Hmm, how to answer this. Should I be a little honest to prepare her, or lie. So I decide to tell her that the doctor needs to take a little blood and it won’t hurt.
Mistake #2
By this point I am realizing that this task may be a little more daunting than originally thought and call ‘Sassy’ for back up. The entire drive to Quest Diagnostic is Britton crying, real tears mind you, and telling me she is ready to go home. We arrive at the lab, get both girls out of the car seats, I reach for the stroller only to see an empty trunk. So mom aka Sassy and I carry them inside. I try giving Britton a pep talk, telling her it won’t hurt, she will get a peppermint, all to no avail. She then decides she wants sassy to sit in the chair with her, and is surprisingly very brave when the needle gets to her. No more tears. Gets a bugs bunny band aid and is quite proud of her brave lil‘ self.
Now it’s Kenley’s turn. She turns one on Friday, and is old enough to recognize needles. Probably because a home nurse comes to our house each month with two RSV shots for Kenley. She immediately starts to cry, and continues on until we are buckled back safely in our car seats with a bottle of organic whole milk. Oh yea, I have transitioned her onto ‘regular’ milk now that she is almost one. Whole milk may give her bosoms before she is ready, so I need to make a mental note to switch to 2%. Where was I? Oh yes, so I have learned going forward that less is more when it comes to providing information to 3 year olds.
As a side note, on the way home, Britton patted Kenley on the arm and said, “Ken-lee, you wa so bwave“. Sticker for that!