6 year anniversary

Today marks our 6 year wedding anniversary. Most days I don’t feel old enough to have been married for six years. On other days, I think 72 months seems like nothing. As I laid in bed this morning, yes – with Big Daddy and no Britton- I did the math. At our 50th wedding anniversary, I will be 74 years old! Big Daddy will be 76!

I wonder if I look much older than I did on our wedding day?
My body may look the somewhat the same on the outside, but up close you can see the beginnings of crows feet, much stronger contact lenses, and a tummy that isn’t quite as hard as it had been, feet that require more maintenance to keep them soft, hands that can be mistaken for my moms (no offense mom), sunspots from years at the tanning bed, dark dark circles under the eye concealer, stretch marks in places I try to hide. However those are all just outward appearances. Looking at the inside, at the heart, I would see how much richer and I 6 years later. I never knew my life could be so full.