Catch up time

In an attempt to rid myself of mommy guilt, I am doing my what-seems-to-be-headed-towards-normal ritual of marathon blogging. Recapping events and moments in my girls life this past week.

Kenley is toddling everywhere now. True- toddling. Walking awkwardly but the cutest toddle I’ve seen since 2003 when Britton was shuffling around. She can still wear her newborn Robeez and I bought her some cheap sandals from Target that make it a little more challenging for her. I refuse to spend $30 on Kenley’s shoes. Some things I have wised up since my first go round at Motherhood.

Britton is challenging our authority lately. We have to show her who is in charge via timeouts, discussions and hugs. The other night, (I hope I haven’t already blogged on this- no big deal, no one reads these but me anyway) we were taking a bubble bath and I reached for my face soap. She asked, “Mommy, what is dat?”
Garrett- “It washes mommy’s face. I don’t have pretty young skin like you anymore (remember- I hit 30 recently).
Britton- “Mommy, you buteefull evweeday.”

If only we could all see the beauty in others everyday. Bless the families in VA.


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