The magic ball

Every day Britton seems to amaze me with her use of words, phrases and sentences. Mary, our nanny, comes on Wednesdays. Traditionally, Wednesday’s are “my day” often spent taking Big Daddy’s shirts to the cleaners, buying groceries for meals, going to the bank of Mary’s money, and the list goes on. Today, on my way to get Britton from school I decided that I wanted some one on one time with her. Often times, our time together, is spend reprimanding and constantly trying to instill right from wrong in her little belief system. So we headed into town to meet Big Daddy for lunch.

After nibbling on chicken tenders and french fries- the pressure of eating fruits and veggies every day- we headed across the street to Kevin’s Sporting Goods. Big Daddy promised me nice sunglasses ever since my eye doctor told me that my eyes were turning yellow due to sun damage. On our way out, Britton got a bouncy ball from the candy machine.

I do have a point to this play by play. While we are looking at sunglasses, Britton loses her ball. Kevin, the owner of Kevins, walks over and asks Britton why is she sad. She tells him that she lost her ball, that it is a magic ball.

Her asks her what it looks like.
Britton: “It is white wid blue, and it bounces vearee high”. Meanwhile, she continues to crawl around the store looking under every nook and cranny for her .25 cent ball. The precision with which she described her ball, amazed me.

Luckily, a nice man that was also shopping for Maui Jims asked Britton about her ball and said he would be right back,. He walked out to his truck, found a small bouncy ball that his son had left in the car, and gave it to Britton and said, “here is your magic ball. It changed colors- now that is magic!”. She was so happy to have her little blue-and-white-bouncy-magic-ball.