Pop’s Birthday

Pop’s birthday was April 5th, and Britton drew a picture of a flower for him (a rather good picture I might add, it has petals, stem and a leaf!). I asked her what she wanted to say to Pops, and offered to write it for her. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me- Britton, what do you want to say to Pops?

Britton- (pauses to think for a second) Dear God, thank you for having Pops love Sassy

Me- Aww B, that’s so nice. Do you want to add anything else?

Britton- Yes. Dear God, please watch over McKenzie. (McKenzie is Britton’s friend that went to live with Jesus in February).

Me- You are sweet Britton. Anything else?

Britton- That’s it! Wait, I need to draw one more thing.

And she draws a cross and says, “that’s where Jesus died”. So I write “cross” and put an arrow next to her picture.

What a CUTE letter! Talk about a proud moment. For once, I actually broke out my camera to have a picture with the story. Don’t get used to this, it rarely happens.

Happy Easter!