Sara Britton’s wedding

Aunt “Britty” and Uncle Matt got married yesterday (March 31) ant it was a beautiful ceremony and FUN reception. The setting, up on a hill overlooking a lake was perfect. The weather, just right. The service, crazy but touching. There was 7 children, plus me- the Shepard. I somehow got them all down the aisle- ages 11, 10, 6, 3, 22 months, 20 months, 12 months. During the service, Britton got attacked by fire ants. Probably because she was poking at them with a stick. I abandoned my post as matron of honor, tossed my flowers aside, and hit my knees in an attempt to strip Britton of her ant infested clothes, panties, and sandals. She, of course, was screaming in pain, and continued to scream even after Big Daddy ran off with her in an attempt to soothe and treat her already-swelling-welts.

When the Reverend asked the best man, Uncle Matt’s twin brother, for the ring- he didn’t have it. Comical really, but Aunt Britty wouldn’t want it any other way. Naked children, missing rings, and total chaos. It was perfect!

In my 8 minute toast (I tried to beat Aunt Britty’s 10 minute record toast she gave at my wedding almost 6 years ago) I said that the only thing missing was our Dad. And it was true. Everything was perfect, only Daddy Boone wasn’t there. He was, however, represented by his brothers and sisters. Apparently, and I never knew this, when he knew he was going to die, he asked two of his brothers to be at my wedding, and at my sisters wedding. They were there. As was he.

Once again, I left my digital camera behind. Mainly because McGinnis our amazing photographer was with us all day capturing everything. If and when I get those pictures, I will upload them.

Now it is Sunday night, and back to normal life. Laundry, running a dishwasher full of bottles, straightening the house, taking the trash can to the street for pick up, checking email, a little “work”, and a quick blog.

Life is good.