Scary Moment

I met Mike at Moe’s for lunch last Thursday, and a little 4 year old girl got burnt by boiling water while she was in line with her mom. When they changed out the pans of rice, the dropped in the new pan and hot water spilled in between the plastic barrier and counter. The mom started screaming and took her to the bathroom.

Everyone just looked at each other, so I jumped up with my ice and went in there and helped her get the shirt off and apply ice to the burn. Her chest, from the collar bone to the breast was red. All her skin had peeled off. It was so scary. I called her husband and tell him what happened and to come to Moes. The ambulance was taking her to the hospital when I left. The poor mom, her other little girl was probably 2 and was also upset. It all happened so fast. I have a new respect for paramedics and other first respone units.