Wild Adventures

Big Daddy and I took Britton to Wild Adventures yesterday, Good Friday. We woke up and ate breakfast as a family. I decided to start a tradition. Good Friday is going to be a celebrated day in our family. I made my egg casserole, which traditionally has been reserved for Christmas and when we have guests staying at our house. Watch out! Then the grandmothers (Sassy and Nana) took shifts watching Kenley at the house. She had one more RSV shot due so we didn’t want to expose her to the germs that are inevitably at a theme park. (on another note- the home nurse came to our house on Saturday to give Kenley her 7th set of shots. This should be the final RSV shot she will need. Each series consists of 2 shots in her thigh).

Where was I? Oh yes, so we loaded into the Sequoia and drove to GA and had a blast. Our friends were there with their parents and were able to give us the low down on the best rides and where to eat.

We started out on the “ant farm express” roller coaster. First ride. I’m looking around me at all the little people thinking, this can’t be too scary, look at all these little kids standing in line. They don’t look scared. Britton, ever the Daddy’s girl, wants to ride with Big Daddy. After some convincing by Daddy, she settled on riding her first roller coaster with me. Big Daddy knew I was a little scared of roller coasters, even if they do have the word “ant” in the title. So we load into the seat, pull the metal bar snuggly over our laps, scoot in close to each other, hold heads and smile as the train creeps forward.

Start off slow, no problem- i got this thing covered. But wait, here is our first hill. What? Is that my heart falling into my feet? I thought this was a KIDS RIDE!#$%^

So that was the extent of our Robinson Roller Coaster Riding. From there we headed to anything that had a pictures of a bunny, train, or dizzy pink dragon. Below are some pictures.

Please note Big Daddy’s white knuckles on the Ferris Wheel picture. PRICELESS.