Big Girl

As a continuation from last night- that is ‘out of our routine’ Mike took Britton fishing this afternoon. They left a 5:00 pm. Yes, you heard correctly. Kenley, who had her morning nap cut short due to Britton’s first dental appointment- Lord, I wish I had taken my camera to that, was napping. When she awoke, it was just me and the Kens.

In 14 months, I think this is the first evening with just Kenley and Mommy.

For the first time (first time I have given her the chance that is) Kenley ate her dinner with a fork all by herself. And she could do it! When did that happen?

She had her very own bubble bath. And she loved it. Why did I not know this?

Typically, she is eager to get out of the bath. She can only take so much of an older sister taking her blue foamy letters that stick on the shower wall to make the alphabet. Did Britton teach her this?

She put the letters on the wall, filled a small plastic cup up with water, splashed, played peak a boo with the shower curtain, sang, and pointed to me. Her big blue eyes were clear, large and full of happiness. I guess, all this time, she has enjoyed bath time. Only she enjoys it more when she has it to herself.

During playtime, she found the pretend iron (in one location) her frog dress (in another location) and walked them both to a table for a fresh press. What?!

When I put her to bed tonight, I laid her in her crib, with Poohbie, her black poodle, nestled against cheek. I kissed her and said goodnight. She looked at me, and with bebe in her mouth said, “Bye”. Have I not realized what a big girl she is? When did she learn to do these things.

Okay God, I hear you. I will slow down and inhale more of these moments.