The Crucifixation

While Daddy is fishing all weekend, the girls and I have stayed real busy. Britton had a friend, Caden, come over after school yesterday- we went to Red Elephant, she spent the nite with Aunt Britty and Uncle Matt. The fun doesn’t stop here- she played with Helen this morning, Chic Filet, flower shopping and subsequent planting, Target (the week wouldn’t be complete without a Target visit) jog stroller, and we rounded off the afternoon with a dip in the pool. The plastic “baby pool” that is. The camera battery needs to be charged and I will upload.

Quick, true story. On the way home from school yesterday, Britton started “witnessing” to me (unbeknownest to her). Her little classmate, Caden, was in the car with us (they held hands all the way home). The conversation all started when Caden asked if we had a dog.

Britton: “No, he wan away and he never came back”
(Mind you, Britton talks about our female poodle Pooh every week. She knows darn well that she never ran away and that Pooh was a she)

Mommy: Britton, Poohbie didn’t run away…

Britton: I know (laughs). She libs in heaven wid God.

Caden: You mean she died?! And now she’s in heaven?!

Britton: Yes, she wibs wid God. God died on the cwoss. He had boo-boos on his hands and a hat of thons on his head. We can all go to heabin now. Jesus loves us.

She has a head start on life already!