The Grizwalds are back

Hey Daddy- timid little Kenley didn’t last long on her horse.Britton liked this ‘tidal wave’ ride until it splashed water all over her dress. Maybe she is a girly girl afterall…. Luckily Mommy brought a second outfit (yes mom, it too was a dress).
So maybe they were a little overdressed in their Lilly dresses. Maybe I should break down and buy them tennis shoes already.
My little girls driving their jeep. Kenley actually lasted the entire ride with her big sister.
We were “Clark” and “Ellen” this weekend.
Go, go, go with the fam for the 3 day weekend. Saturday we hit the community pool where Britton had a near-drowning experience (more on that later). Afterwards we drove to St. George Island to spend all day Sunday on the beach building sandcastles, chasing seagulls, and collecting shells and periwinkles. On Monday (our “extra” weekend day) we drove up to Wild Adventures in GA for some wild rides and wet fun. Whew– we drove from the Gulf Coast to Georgia and we are pooped.

We had the girls in their matching Target bathing suits on Saturday, headed to my mom and Dale’s new pool only to find out that it had just been shocked with chlorine the night before. What to do? We are en route, with floats, sunscreen, even some beer. So we head to the ‘Aquatic Center’ which turned out to be pretty cool. There was a large tower of sorts that Britton enjoyed. Being the ‘no fear’ child that she is, she wadded beyond the tower towards the deep end. I saw this coming and walked around the pool and asked her to walk to me (at the edge).

She looked up with such a proud, bewildered face saying, “Look Mommy, I can stand up. I am tawl”. I kept urging her to walk to me now. And sure enough, she was fingertips distance away, and it got to deep and she went under water.

Her big blue eyes were wide open, locked to mine. Her little arms moved vigoriously around to no avail. She could not get her little face above water to breathe any air.

I reached in and pulled her out of the water. So much for the three lifeguards there. My mom, from a young age, put the fear of drowning in me and always cautioned me to watch my children like a hawk- even when there are lots of other parents around.

Needless to say, Britton was upset however I think it was an important lesson to her. Mind your parents. Hopefully, at least for a few days, she will think to really listen to us when we instruct her not to do something.

At Wild Adventures today I saw two rat-tail haircuts, one mullet, and a reverse mullet. One girl had on short athletic shorts with a dixie flag that read ‘Can’t Touch this’. Nice.

Long weekend, very tired. Just got done paying bills and excel-ing our budget. Whew- we are still paying medical bills on our little Kens.

It’s amazing how expensive healthcare is- even to those who have excellent coverage.

I feel so bad for those who cannot afford the best healthcare. Everyone’s child deserves the best of the best care when they are sick.