My Mothers Day Gift: My lost Babybook

After being packed in a storage unit for 8 years, I found my baby book in a plastic box that I was going through. The box contained what seems like every piece of artwork I ever did, every report card, poems, class pictures, drawings. My entire childhood is encapsulated into one plastic bin.

When Dad was sick, he went into our ‘gift closet’ (where we kept pre-bought gifts in the event we would need them one day) and put each and every little item into chronological order. I was 20 at the time, so there were 20 years worth of “paperwork” to organize. I must say, he did a great job- not to mention that he had a tumor in his brain at the time.

Thank you Dad.

When we sold our childhood house, a lot of things have been spending time in a the high-rent district, otherwise known simply as “The Storage Unit”.

I have had so much fun reading about what my birth was like, comparing my growth to my children’s, comparing that age that I started walking to the age of my girls (both were very close). I have also found baby pictures that I don’t remember and I can say, without an ounce of hesitation, that Kenley looks JUST LIKE ME. If I can find a way to scan some of the red-tainted-olin-mills-1978 pictures, I will.

My Mom is in Indianapolis this mother’s Day however I know she would eat this stuff up! So below is just a couple of “entries” from my baby book. For you mom, an abbreviated tour down mommy memory lane to celebrate YOU.

Feb 5, 1977
Today was your baby shower and it was quite a success….

April 22, 1977
Garrett is almost 5 weeks old… My Mama and Aunt Deb are keep bathing you over and over again. to try and teach you to like it. You just keep screaming… louder and louder!

They keep washing your hair- even when you are asleep. They think it keep cradle cap away- funny thing is- you had no cradle cap until they started washing you a dozen times a day.

My Mama kept wanting to give you cereal from the minute you were born. I just kept saying “all you needed was breast milk.” When mastitis occurred and all I could do was sleep, she finally gave it to you then (with me asleep).

You cried with an upset stomach for a few hours afterwards- it was too much for your system!

April 24, 1977
What a traumatic day day- termites infested your Aunt Debs house in the room where you were sleeping. Mayzel pulled you out of your crib just in time. Within minutes your whole crib was covered with black.white bugs. In fact – the room was swarming with them. This has really been an unusual weekend (Gee Mom, I should hope so!). You are 5 weeks old.

May 28, 1977
You are smiling all the time now and eating like a pig.

July 6, 1977
You’re now 3 1/2 months old and just beautiful. You laugh out loud occasionally. Very attached to your binky.

September 1, 1977
…Suffered terrible burns on your left hand on first day of vacation. Touched a hot pot while bathing in kitchen sink- you screamed for three hours- I didn’t blame you one bit.

October 20, 1977
Today is your 7 month birthday. You are wearing 18 months, size 2T. I am about to start making you raggedy Ann for Christmas. Sadly though, our dog, Winnie, had to be given to friends for growling at you. I miss her! Oh yea- 2 weeks ago you fell on your head – took you to the ER but you survived beautifully.

November 30, 1977
You are 8 months and one week old today. Your daddy has really spoiled you- he gives you bottles of juice every time you peek at night so of course, you and your bed are soaked by 5 a.m. I sleep right through it all.

September 17, 1978
Well, you are three days away from being 18 months old- you have 12 teeth and more on the way. You love sticking your hand down your throat and faking a choke to scare Daddy. You help Daddy work in the Yard sometimes. Went to Sunday school for the first time today!

April 8, 1980
Somehow- time slipped away- you are now 3 years old – gorgeous of course, and growing like a weed. You went to three Easter egg hunts this weekend- ate everything in sight- and went to bed with Peptobismal.

August 3, 1981
Hooray- you are 4 1/2 years old…. You have a beautiful 9 month old sister now who you adore…

June 12, 1982
Age- 5 years
As I sit here in bed writing, you and your daddy are sleeping in a tent in the back yard- mosquitoes, lightening bugs, heat and all. You were SO excited helping Daddy put up the tent, with your suitcase already packed and ready. Inside (I peeked) was your “night-night” (of course) a deck of cards, a change of clothes and an extra nightgown! My tears sparkled as I watched you and daddy going down the back steps with flashlight, teddy bear, suitcase, two down pillows, and your sleeping bag with Garrett written across it. My heart aches to see you grow up so fast. If only I could freeze this part of our lives for just a little while.

My Story is About me
By Garrett, 1984
2nd Grade
Age 7 1/2

I am Garrett Lamderm Kuersteiner and I take Balttea, Jazz, Pinaou, and I am in Brownoys. We have had one Manden (not sure what that is?). My dads name is Jothing Dawline Boone Kuersteiner (at least I could spell my last name), but I just call him Boone. My moms is Prissy Lamdrem Kuersteiner. My sisters name is Sara Britton Kuersteiner. I got to Maclay School and I am in the 2nd grade. I go to Sant Johns Church. This is not my best handwriting. I have more than 199 friends.
Love, Garrett Lamderm (so I couldn’t spelly my middle name) Kuersteiner