Mysterious Panties

I came home today and noticed that Britton had on a pair of panties that I have never seen before. They are not new, infact there is a little hole on the back and about a size too big.

I squinted my eyes, examined the panties closely, thought hard if I had seen them befpre, then shook my head and decided I can’t possibly know every article of clothing my kids have.

While Britton is having quiet time watching ‘Little Mermaid’ I asked her if she went anywhere with Mary, their nanny, this weekend.

Britton: Yes, she took me to de pawk. Dat’s where I found dese pandies. Dey were on the picnic table and I put dem on.

I immediatley took them off her, threw them away and explained to her that wearing someone else’s panties could make her sick.

Britton: Im just kidding, dese are my panties fwom my d-war.

I find it hard to belive that Mary would let Britton put on random panties at the neighborhood park, but at any rate they have a new home in our trashcan. I will ask Mary when she comes tomorrow and post an update.

To be continued….

On another note, I have not posted any recent pictures (at least not on this website) so here are some pictures from a family outing last weekend.) Got to go spend more time with Kens while she is awake during her short 7 hours of awake day time.