What are you doing?

My sister calls all the time. Probably at least twice a day- and yes, she lives only 15 miles away. The opening line is always that same, “What are you doing?”

When she called tonight, she probably got more information than she bargained for.

As it was, I was about to take a well deserved shower. I went running this afternoon pushing 61 lbs of joy in the heat. When we got home, I dressed the girls in their bathing suits. While they played in the pool, I tried to get my “Magda-like tan”. I’ve already noticed crows feet, so what’s a few more wrinkles?

Kenley enjoyed the ‘freedom’ of not wearing a diaper for the first time- so much so that she tee-teed all the tile floor. Incidently, on me too. Then while I was bathing the girls tonight, Kenley threw up the dirt that she ate earlier in the afternoon, into the bath tub. Immeditaely- “Everyone out” I announce abrubtly. Some days, that’s just how it is. Got to feed, bathe, read, and THEN you get that shower.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.