A Kenley Story

Most of my stories center around Britton, unless of course it has to do with Kenley’s health issues.

While Kenley may not be as verbal as her elder sister, she does cute things every day. Take today for instance. She picks up an item (a tape measurer for instance) throws it in the bath tub, looks at me immediately and says “uh oh” like she is really suprised that the tape measure fell.

Okay, so that story isn’t all that funny. But it’s real late and I am tired. I could blog about how we are sitting in bed listening to her grunt over the monitors, but that’s not so funny.

Fun stories to come….


The Decision

A team of pediatric cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeons have reviewed Kenley’s case and are in agreement that she needs her hole repaired. She has been scheduled for open heart surgery the first week in August.

We’ve seen her struggle a little more recently and suspected that this would be the outcome. The thought of open heart surgery on a barely 17 month old is scary, however, we have to remind ourselves that she will be much better off in the long run with a properly functioning heart.

We went for a second opinion in October, and know that surgery is what she needs, and Shands Hospital is where she’ll be. This type of surgery, in the heart world, is actually quite routine. She will be in the hospital for 7-10 days.

We trust our doctors and more importantly trust God to get her through this.

Time to mend little Kenley’s heart?

Kenley’s heart surgeons will be meeting tomorrow to discuss her “case”. I should be getting a call in the afternoon from Nurse Connie to let us know their decision.
Kenley, while she looks great, has been sweating a lot, tiring out easily during the day, and making “grunting” noises at night and naptimes. I now know that surgery may not be such a bad thing afterall.
Above are some pictures of our ‘little princess’. Maybe she is practicing for Big Sister’s Dress up Party on July 9th.
She has cut four pre-molars in the past 10 days. She weighs 23 lbs and her head is in the 98th%.
Tonight, at bathtime, Britton pointed to her little sister’s tummy and said “Mommy, Kenley has a baby in her tummy”. Our little hamhawk!

Good Aim

Yesterday, Friday, was a long day at our house. During Britton’s “quiet time” yesterday, she was being somewhat quiet so I broke away from my desk and went to check on her.

There she was, in her pretty smocked dress, with a puddle of water in the hallway. First thought- tee tee.

Me: “Britton, is that tee tee on the floor”
Britton: “No, dats de wader”

So I wiped it up with her towel, hung it back on the hook behind her bathroom door, and helped her get out of her dress which she said was wet.

There were two Dixie cups also laying in the hallway- I put those on her bathroom counter.

Fast forward several hours. Friday afternoon I did some thing not very smart- I took both kids to Publix at 5:00. Dumb, I know. Crowded, 100 degrees, and I get stuck in the check out line behind a lady that insists on trying to save .10 cents on a cereal coupon that she can’t find.

On the way home, Britton says something, I cannot remember what exactly (after all, today is Sunday and I am just now posting), and I asked her about the puddle of water.

Britton “I toad you a lie”
Me “What lie did you tell me”
Britton “I tee-tee’d on da flowoh twoday
Me “Britton, did you really tee tee on the floor. You are getting too old to do that”
Britton “I telling you duh twuf now, I did tee tee”
Me “Why did you do that”
Britton “I wus twieing to tee tee in da cup. I fought you would get mad at me”
Me “Britton, the truth is always better… etc etc”

Obviously, she is still perfecting her eye-aim coordiation.

So that lovely towel that has been air drying on the bathroom hook, and the dress that has been sitting in the dirty hamper… lovely.

When we got home, I of course, broke out my pine sol and immediately wiped down the hallway floors. Britto saw the two clear dixie cups sitting on her bathroom counter and said, “Mommy, dere is tee tee in dat cup. Fwoo dat away”

At least she told the truth. Well, sort of.

Kenley’s latest dirty word

I keep thinking that any day now Britton will look into my eyes and say “Mommy” clear as day.

This weekend, while we were at the pool, chunky Kens waddled over to her (clean) swim diaper that was laying on the patio.

She picked it up, turned her head and looked at it, held it up to Big Daddy and said “diaper” clear-as-day.

There it is- her third word. Diaper.

Maybe I can be her fourth word!