Good Aim

Yesterday, Friday, was a long day at our house. During Britton’s “quiet time” yesterday, she was being somewhat quiet so I broke away from my desk and went to check on her.

There she was, in her pretty smocked dress, with a puddle of water in the hallway. First thought- tee tee.

Me: “Britton, is that tee tee on the floor”
Britton: “No, dats de wader”

So I wiped it up with her towel, hung it back on the hook behind her bathroom door, and helped her get out of her dress which she said was wet.

There were two Dixie cups also laying in the hallway- I put those on her bathroom counter.

Fast forward several hours. Friday afternoon I did some thing not very smart- I took both kids to Publix at 5:00. Dumb, I know. Crowded, 100 degrees, and I get stuck in the check out line behind a lady that insists on trying to save .10 cents on a cereal coupon that she can’t find.

On the way home, Britton says something, I cannot remember what exactly (after all, today is Sunday and I am just now posting), and I asked her about the puddle of water.

Britton “I toad you a lie”
Me “What lie did you tell me”
Britton “I tee-tee’d on da flowoh twoday
Me “Britton, did you really tee tee on the floor. You are getting too old to do that”
Britton “I telling you duh twuf now, I did tee tee”
Me “Why did you do that”
Britton “I wus twieing to tee tee in da cup. I fought you would get mad at me”
Me “Britton, the truth is always better… etc etc”

Obviously, she is still perfecting her eye-aim coordiation.

So that lovely towel that has been air drying on the bathroom hook, and the dress that has been sitting in the dirty hamper… lovely.

When we got home, I of course, broke out my pine sol and immediately wiped down the hallway floors. Britto saw the two clear dixie cups sitting on her bathroom counter and said, “Mommy, dere is tee tee in dat cup. Fwoo dat away”

At least she told the truth. Well, sort of.