Happy Father’s Day

Today is Mike’s 3rd Father’s day. Today also marks, what would have been, my Poppy’s 87th birthday (my mom’s father)!

We celebrated Father’s Day with breakfast in bed, compliented with fresh picked gardenias by Britton. On the menu was eggs, bacon, English muffins and ice cold milk. Straight to Daddy’s heart and tummy. He was able to open some Mike-perfect gifts (ie- ties, lobster tickler, dive shop gift certificate, seersucker shorts, etc). Although still early, is has proved to be a fantastic day.

Below are some photos from our family day at the pool yesterday. We dropped off my SUV at the speaker shop to have my two blown out speakers repaired. This made my friend Angela laugh- when she pictured me and Mike out on the town blaring our music with our two (empty) carseats in the back, with crushed goldfish all over the floor.

We had to take the interstate on the way to the speaker store. It is under construction so I was a little more nervous driving on the interstate with pilings alongside the interstate. Britton, per usual, was asking me to look at her tv, scrath her bug bites, hand her something that fell on the floor, etc. I had to keep explaining to her that Mommy has to concentrate on driving, because the cars are going very fast.

Britton: “Daddy dwives vewwy fast”

Me: “Yes, Daddy’s driving scares Mommy sometimes”

Britton: “Daddy hit a cat yesduhday”

Me: “Britton, what do you mean Daddy hit a cat”

Britton: “It wan in fuwant of his teewuck and he hit it. It didn’t get out of de way”

Once we moved two little girls, pool bag, baby bag, purse, cell phones, sippie cups, goldfish and more into Big Daddy’s truck, I asked him about this cat encounter. He verified, what I knew to be true, that he never hit a cat.

Oh what an imagination our little girl has!

As you can see from the photos above Daddy had a great time with his foo-foo little girls and pink innertube.