My daughter, the Actress

Britton has been watching the “Care Bears” movie for the past week. I don’t typically buy DVD’s because I do not want to encourage TV watching, so she was quite excited to get her “pwesent“. She has watched the movie many times while riding in the car. Many times.

In fact, last night- we took the kids to ‘Parent’s Night Out’ at our church, and on the 25 minute drive home, she said every word of the movie while watching it. Not just a few, here and there, but every single line. At first, I felt a little embarrassed that she had seen the movie enough times to know the lines. Then, I was surprised because she would get each word, before they said it. At three years old, I was impressed.

I wonder if I will be one of those parents who has a bumper sticker that says, “My Child is an Honor Roll Student at blah-blah school”….