My Secret Pleasure

The Ingles Family- Mary, Laura aka half pint, Carrie, Charles, Caraline and “Jack” at their home in Walnut Grove, MN
My eyes can’t make out everyone in this photo (come on, I am only 30- I can’t be too old to see yet) Donna, Brenda, Dylan, Steve sanders, Kelly, Janet, and some randoms that didn’t stay on the show very long).

I have a confession to make. I love watching Little House on the Prairie. I have seen every episode. And I mean every episode. I know all the characters, every theme, every item in “Ma” and “Pa’s” house. I have watched it since I was a little girl, and now, at age 30- I still watch it. Something must be wrong with me- it is quite the ‘nerdy’ show, I know. But you have to love Laura, Manly, Mary, Charles, Nells Olson, Harriet, Nellie, Willie, carrie, Grace, Hester Sue…..

I just can’t help myself. Britton now loves it too- I was so excited a couple years ago when I was flipping through the channels (being a stay at home mom finally- of course I got to actual watch a little tv when there was just one baby) and saw LHOTP (yes, that’s slang of my show) on Hallmark.

Well, flash forward to the year 2007. Big Daddy decides we need DVR (shout out to my sister who sells for Comcast). At first, I think this is silly because I rarely watch TV as it is. Turns out, you can record your shows- and then watch them when its is convenient for you without commercials.

Couple that with the SoapNet channel (yes, there is a channel that plays Y&R reruns- who watches that?) and whola- you get Beverly Hills 90210 on DEMAND. Sweet.

I think the show premiered my freshmen year in high school which would have been 1991. Ouch, I’m old. I remember because ‘David Silver’ was also a freshman. Wow, this is getting even worse as I type. So my point to all this is…

I saw the original ‘pilot’ episode tonight. And to those reading this, don’t pretend like you weren’t an avid 90210 watcher back in the day. It’s okay, we all have our vices.

Shea (Shea- you KNOW you loved that show. Heck, you are probably the ONLY other person DVR’ing it)- here are a couple interesting facts that I saw.

  1. The Walshes house was originally a stone, traditional house with black shutters. Although the kitchen scene were the same (Brenda’s Bedroom and foyer were different).
  2. Kelly’s mom was originally casted by a random.
  3. Donna didn’t have implants when the show started
  4. Wow, they really did dress straight out of the 80’s.

That’s enough dirty laundry from me tonight.

Can’t wait to see the next recording, maybe I will break out my blue eye liner and keds for fun!