My Secret Pleasure

The Ingles Family- Mary, Laura aka half pint, Carrie, Charles, Caraline and “Jack” at their home in Walnut Grove, MN
My eyes can’t make out everyone in this photo (come on, I am only 30- I can’t be too old to see yet) Donna, Brenda, Dylan, Steve sanders, Kelly, Janet, and some randoms that didn’t stay on the show very long).

I have a confession to make. I love watching Little House on the Prairie. I have seen every episode. And I mean every episode. I know all the characters, every theme, every item in “Ma” and “Pa’s” house. I have watched it since I was a little girl, and now, at age 30- I still watch it. Something must be wrong with me- it is quite the ‘nerdy’ show, I know. But you have to love Laura, Manly, Mary, Charles, Nells Olson, Harriet, Nellie, Willie, carrie, Grace, Hester Sue…..

I just can’t help myself. Britton now loves it too- I was so excited a couple years ago when I was flipping through the channels (being a stay at home mom finally- of course I got to actual watch a little tv when there was just one baby) and saw LHOTP (yes, that’s slang of my show) on Hallmark.

Well, flash forward to the year 2007. Big Daddy decides we need DVR (shout out to my sister who sells for Comcast). At first, I think this is silly because I rarely watch TV as it is. Turns out, you can record your shows- and then watch them when its is convenient for you without commercials.

Couple that with the SoapNet channel (yes, there is a channel that plays Y&R reruns- who watches that?) and whola- you get Beverly Hills 90210 on DEMAND. Sweet.

I think the show premiered my freshmen year in high school which would have been 1991. Ouch, I’m old. I remember because ‘David Silver’ was also a freshman. Wow, this is getting even worse as I type. So my point to all this is…

I saw the original ‘pilot’ episode tonight. And to those reading this, don’t pretend like you weren’t an avid 90210 watcher back in the day. It’s okay, we all have our vices.

Shea (Shea- you KNOW you loved that show. Heck, you are probably the ONLY other person DVR’ing it)- here are a couple interesting facts that I saw.

  1. The Walshes house was originally a stone, traditional house with black shutters. Although the kitchen scene were the same (Brenda’s Bedroom and foyer were different).
  2. Kelly’s mom was originally casted by a random.
  3. Donna didn’t have implants when the show started
  4. Wow, they really did dress straight out of the 80’s.

That’s enough dirty laundry from me tonight.

Can’t wait to see the next recording, maybe I will break out my blue eye liner and keds for fun!


Happy Father’s Day

Today is Mike’s 3rd Father’s day. Today also marks, what would have been, my Poppy’s 87th birthday (my mom’s father)!

We celebrated Father’s Day with breakfast in bed, compliented with fresh picked gardenias by Britton. On the menu was eggs, bacon, English muffins and ice cold milk. Straight to Daddy’s heart and tummy. He was able to open some Mike-perfect gifts (ie- ties, lobster tickler, dive shop gift certificate, seersucker shorts, etc). Although still early, is has proved to be a fantastic day.

Below are some photos from our family day at the pool yesterday. We dropped off my SUV at the speaker shop to have my two blown out speakers repaired. This made my friend Angela laugh- when she pictured me and Mike out on the town blaring our music with our two (empty) carseats in the back, with crushed goldfish all over the floor.

We had to take the interstate on the way to the speaker store. It is under construction so I was a little more nervous driving on the interstate with pilings alongside the interstate. Britton, per usual, was asking me to look at her tv, scrath her bug bites, hand her something that fell on the floor, etc. I had to keep explaining to her that Mommy has to concentrate on driving, because the cars are going very fast.

Britton: “Daddy dwives vewwy fast”

Me: “Yes, Daddy’s driving scares Mommy sometimes”

Britton: “Daddy hit a cat yesduhday”

Me: “Britton, what do you mean Daddy hit a cat”

Britton: “It wan in fuwant of his teewuck and he hit it. It didn’t get out of de way”

Once we moved two little girls, pool bag, baby bag, purse, cell phones, sippie cups, goldfish and more into Big Daddy’s truck, I asked him about this cat encounter. He verified, what I knew to be true, that he never hit a cat.

Oh what an imagination our little girl has!

As you can see from the photos above Daddy had a great time with his foo-foo little girls and pink innertube.

Family Reunion

Our family, my father’s side, is in the midst of a week-long family reunion at the Gulf Coast. We have had a week-long family reunion for as long as I can remember.

My father was one of eight children- he was the third oldest- one of five boys. My paternal grandmother, Martha Lee (known by most as simply M’Lee) was quite a character.

As a 16 year old college student, she married her professor 15+ years her senior (forgive me dad, I forget just how much older Karl, my grandfather, was). She had her first child at 18, and her 8th child at age 36. If you are doing the math, that is a span of 18 years. 8 children in 18 years. Whew, my lower body aches just thinking about it.

She always insisted that we call her by her first name- M’Lee. Not grandmother, Granny, Mumsy, Meme, Nana. Just M’Lee.

She said didn’t want anyone to know that she was a grandmother – even though she looked like your typical grandmother- white hair, cheery face, glasses, had that authoratative mom tone to her voice.

Let’s put it this way, she played Mrs. Santa every year for the Jr. league.

Her children, who were all used to a large family, had anywhere from 2-6 children- who now have children. My Aunt Kelly has 6 children- all of whom she homeschools. Where was I going with this? Oh yea, so our family of four drove down yesterday to see everyone and grill hamburgers.

I offered to pick up Big Daddy on the way, which meant I needed to get everyone together and loaded in the car for the trip. I woke up Kenley early from her nap- something new and different- packed PJs, goldfish, formula (yes, my baby still takes a bottle even though I told my pediatrician that she’s “off”), bathing suits, etc.

I was aggravated with something that Britton was doing, as I was lifting her 36 lb body into her new Marathon car seat. “Don’t talk to me Britton“, is what I told her.

“Don’t talk to me, Mommy!” she responded.

Then a couple of “fine””s were exchanged.

We didn’t make it out of our neighborhood gate before I hear a little voice in the backseat say, “Mommy, I foegive you.”

Which I, of course, responded with “I forgive you to Britton. I am sorry for getting aggravated”.

Britton – “Dat’s otay. Jesus foegives you too” (heart melt)

Silence. .. Britton thinking.

Britton- “Mommy, will we always be fwinds

Mommy- “Yes, Britty. We will always be friends”. (heart overflow)

We must have exchanged this same dialogue about 4 times during the 60 minute drive. And she always ended the conversation wanting the assurance that we will always be friends.


Shand’s Visit

Kenley was at Shands Monday, June 11th- a few weeks early for her regularly scheduled appointment.

She had her 8th echo cardiogram in the past 15 months.

Her pediatric cardiologist told us the hole between the lower chambers of her heart is no smaller. The left side of her heart remains slightly enlarged. At present, there is no sign of lung damage or heart failure. Dr. Paolillo does not believe her fatigue is related to the heart.

He will be presenting her case to the pediatric cardiothoracic surgical board at Shands for additional review. We will know more then.

Kenley’s Heart

Kenley at 5 months old- trying to get her weight up. My little gift from God.
Kenley at 6 weeks, before succumbing to viral spinal meningitis and heart failure.
This was actually taken in the Disney World resort, oblivious to the news that we would soon face.

Kenley has always been a good sleeper. However, she is sleeping a LOT now. I started counting how many hours of “Wake time” my now 15 month old has each day, and she has been averaging only 5-6 hours of awake time a day. That means that she sleeps around 19 out of 24 hours a day.

While at our local cardiologist appointment a few weeks back, I inquired about this and he assured me that it was not related to her heart, and that kenley is probably growing.

Then on Wednesday, my mom called.

She said my dad came to her in a dream that night, and I needed to call Shands. Everyone has told me that the sleeping isn’t an issue- her local peditrician, her local cardiologist. But I don’t think it is normal, to only be able to stay awake 1-2 hours between naps.

I hung up and called them right away. I got that feeling again, in the pit of my stomach, that something isn’t right.

So I called her main pediatric cardiologist at Shands Hospital about 2 hours away. We have been there 4 times in the past 11 months. They were alarmed and asked me additional questions, including “Does she grunt in her sleep”.

That’s odd.

I said, now that you mention it, she does make some strange noises at night. It almost sounds like she is trying to have a BM but when I check on her, the diaper is clean.

They said they defintaly needed to see her on Monday, and the RN would check with Dr. Joe to see if she needed to be seen in the next 48 hrs- they sent us to a local ped. instead and kept the monday appointment.

As I lay in my bedroom Wednesday night, thinking about Kenley, I hear her clearly ‘grunting’ through the monitor. Almost like she was in pain- so I went across the house to her bedroom to see if maybe she was awake and trying to go the bathroom – which would explain the noises.

When I peeked in on her, she was not awake- laying on her stomach, making these pitifulsounds. I was afraid that maybe I was over analyzing her sleeping- being the overly cautious mom of a heart baby that I am. However, the grunting AND the sleep together are not imagined.

Shands asked me to take her to the local pediatrician to have him check her eyes, ears and listen to her breathe. They wanted to make sure there wasn’t some other kind of infection causing her fatigue.

There wasn’t.

We are taking her down on Monday to be reevaluated. This means another echo, EKG, chest xray and exam by the wonderful staff at Shands. Maybe it’s all nothing. Maybe its in my head. Maybe it’s time to have the open heart surgery to repair the hole.

We will just pray and see what they tell us in her best interest. God told me long ago, as I laid in bed one night afraid that my then 11 pound, heart failure baby wouldn’t live through an invasive surgery. He told me that no matter how this plays out, He will be there.

I know He keeps His promises and He will be with us no matter what the next step is.