Britton goes to a preschool that adapts the Baptist Cirriculum for teaching preschoolers. (although we are Methodist). Each week throughout the past school year, her teacher would send home the “bible story” for that week. They are based on a particular scripture, and have a short story and illustration to explain God’s love to preschoolers.

Today, while Kenley was asleep, Britton and I spent one on one time together reading. We snuggled up on a couch watching the rain (finally!), and read several of her bible stories.

I had decided that I wanted to try to start teaching Britton bible verses, in hopes that she would one day know- really know- them. So today, we prayed together after the little lesson.

And she pointed to the ceiling, and said, “Mama, did you hea-ah dat?”

Me- “No, what was it?”

Britton- “It was God, he was talking to me?

Me (a little surprised that she can so clearly hear His voice, when most days I cannot)- “What did He say?”

Britton – “He sade dat was beautiful pwayer-ing” (for those who do not understand three year old dialect that is ‘beautiful prayer-ing aka beautiful praying‘).