Time to mend little Kenley’s heart?

Kenley’s heart surgeons will be meeting tomorrow to discuss her “case”. I should be getting a call in the afternoon from Nurse Connie to let us know their decision.
Kenley, while she looks great, has been sweating a lot, tiring out easily during the day, and making “grunting” noises at night and naptimes. I now know that surgery may not be such a bad thing afterall.
Above are some pictures of our ‘little princess’. Maybe she is practicing for Big Sister’s Dress up Party on July 9th.
She has cut four pre-molars in the past 10 days. She weighs 23 lbs and her head is in the 98th%.
Tonight, at bathtime, Britton pointed to her little sister’s tummy and said “Mommy, Kenley has a baby in her tummy”. Our little hamhawk!