High Fashion by Kenley

Today’s post is not “deep” by a long shot. Instead, it is more of an effort of me trying to “enter” in stepping stone type memories from today.

Big Daddy came home from the local Sporting’s Good Store with size 4 Crocs in cotton candy! They ar?!)e so cute. Espically, after my fiasco trying to find her size in the little croclings. After doing my thorough search on the net, finding what I thought was reasonable- I receive my size 4 corclings, in a size 6 bright green format. No no no no no. $15 in shipping costs later, I just return the shoes and say forget it. She can wear her Target sandals until the first freeze.

Luckily for Kenley, she is sporting some sassy shoes! )Did I mention that she is truly wearing a 3?!)


Greenbow AlaBAMA

Party of Five- Aliee, Graham and Addison Reed. Britton and Kenley Robinson. I actually ran into a sorority sister at the Zoo who I had not seen since 1996. Amazingly, she recognized me. That in and of itself made my day!
Birmingham Zoo- Britton (4), Graham (2), Aliee (5), Kenley (1)

Butterfly Exhibit- tired little ones.

Britton and Aliee after they decided to room together at Tutweiler.

We visited some friends in Birmingham recently- attached are some photos.

Mary- our Family

Tonight at Dinner, we were sitting around the dinner table. Big Daddy brought home lobster- yes lobster- from his Keys trip. Of course, Britton licked her little lips and said “I wub wobstir Daddy!”
We were having our typical chit-chatty conversation and she said to Big Daddy
Britton: “Daddy, you ahe de best daddy eva. And Mommy, you ahe de best mommy eva. And Maywe is de best babysidder eva. She’s our family too.”
Mary will get a kick out of this story.

Kenley says Mama!!! (Finally)

Yea! Yea! Yea!

Kenley says Mama now. I asked her to say Mommy and it came out “mama!” Thank you God thank you! I have been waiting to her my name on her little lips and am glad it happened this week.

We’re back

We returned this afternoon from our family trip. In the past several days, the girls have traveled over 14 hours in the car and behaved beautifully! We visited with friends, went to the zoo then headed towards the Ritz Carlton, Reynolds Plantation for a wedding. Fun fun fun times- Kenley enjoyed the baby pool and it made my heart melt to she her so innocently splashing around in her swim diaper and blue ruffled one piece.

I look at her and think- ignorance is bliss. I am so thankful that she does not know what is nearing the corner.

We have had many friends email and call this week to say that they would be praying for us. It warms my heart to know that so many people are praying for my sweet little girl.

I have to keep reminding myself that this surgery is necessary and she will come through like the fighter that she is. Just got to get my head to keep repeating this to my heart.