3 weeks from today…..

This is the size Kenley was last summer at 3 months (11 lbs) when they initially wanted to operate.

This is Kenley this summer, at 23 lbs. While the “optimal” age to close the VSD is 6 months, she is at a much better weight to undergo the procedure.

3 weeks from today we will be at Shand’s Children Hospital preparing for Kenley’s heart operation. Over the next three weeks, I plan to enjoy spending time with Miss Ken’s.

This includes airplane rides (on my legs), lifting her out of the bath and crib, swinging on the playset, and other things that will present quite the challenge immediately following her surgery.

I am trying to dig into my faith that I am always talking about, and really believe that she will get through this fine.

Talking the talk, and walking the walk aren’t always as “easy” as one assumes.