Family Vacation

We went to our home in Carrabelle this weekend- and wow, it turned out to be, well… a vacation. Yes, I was surprised. Usually, packing up two little ones, plus pack and plays, high chairs, diapers, swim diapers, swim suits, cover ups, towels, monitors, shampoo, baby shampoo, bottles, sippy cups, bathing suits (you get the picture)- isn’t exactly a “vacation”.

However this weekend was so relaxing- just what I needed. Despite the fact that Mama and Daddy forgot to load the “pack and play” AND highchair AND swim diapers- it was so much fun.

Big Daddy rigged Kenley a crib in a bedroom closet- it was like having a queen size, soft bed for little Kens. She laid in there sprawled out. He leaned a coffee table again the doorway and mounted a desk fan so she could stay very cool.

I was a little worried as to how she would sleep. Kenley is VERY particular about her sleeping arrangements. She likes her sound machine just so, her blanket, her special pillow and COOL.

We went to Dollar General and the local IGA, but apparently swim diapers are hard to come by.

Saturday we took them back to Dog Island on Big Daddy’s new boat. We ran into some friends on the island and hung out for several hours, came back to the house to shower/nap. We then went to a local seafood restaurant overlooking the Carrabelle River and watched all the boats coming in for the day.

Today, Sunday, Big Daddy took his boat out for a “real” fishing trip. Us girls stayed behind and swam, made ‘pretend house’ with blankets, visited a hole-in-the-wall-antique store and ofcourse… the Dollar General.

Kenley enjoyed her record-nap-to-date of 4+ hours!

On the way back to T-town tonight, we stopped at yet another local seafood restaurant off Highway 98- and watched a storm come in while we ate seared tuna and grill cheese sandwiches.
It didn’t hurt that I forgot my cell phone, my work cell phone, and my laptop.

Next time, I am going to forget them all over again and just enjoy some family time- grass roots style.

Note: along with everything else I forget, we neglected to bring the camera so there are zero phots from the weekend.