Britton’s Birthday Week… the continuation

Big Daddy and I have been working tirelessly today getting the house and yard ready for Miss Britton’s 4th birthday party tomorrow. She is having a dress up party- tea cps, lipstick, the whole sha-bang.

I am not sure why I am concerned with mopping my floors when, soon, there will be many 4 year olds eating cake and ice cream and having fun- paying no attention to anything but girlfriends, toys, and fun.

Sometimes it would be nice to let go some of my Type A-ness.

We’ve been counting down Britton’s birthday for the past 8 days. Note to self: next year, tell her only a few days before her birthday… She wakes up every morning and asks if it is her birthday? When I remind her of the countdown, she gets mad that “today” isn’t her actual birthday.

We went to dinner tonight with Mike’s parents, and my mom to… celebrate Brittons birthday family style, of course. I baked a cake and she opened her babie corvette (I had one when I was little- every little girl needs a car for her barbie, right?)

And so, tomorrow is the finale to what I have dubbed the Britton’s Birthday Week.