A Heart like His

Today as we were walking towards the sanctuary, Britton had some change in her hand. “Money for God” is what we often call it (her Christian Preschool allows offerings at Wednesday chapel). Amazingly, we were early for the worship service so when she asked if she could throw a penny into the fountain and make a wish, we made a stop.

I told her to throw her penny in and make a wish.

She threw in her little brown penny and said, “Please make Kenley’s hard bedder” (translation- please make Kenley’s heart better”.

I thought this was an awesome gesture on her part for several reasons. Primarily because, she is 4 years old and, like most 4 year olds, very me-me-me. To have only one wish, and to “use it” on someone else made me so proud.

It seemed very symbolic to me, having made an unselfish sacrifice while on your way to worship the one who made the ultimate sacrifice.