High Fashion by Kenley

Today’s post is not “deep” by a long shot. Instead, it is more of an effort of me trying to “enter” in stepping stone type memories from today.

Big Daddy came home from the local Sporting’s Good Store with size 4 Crocs in cotton candy! They ar?!)e so cute. Espically, after my fiasco trying to find her size in the little croclings. After doing my thorough search on the net, finding what I thought was reasonable- I receive my size 4 corclings, in a size 6 bright green format. No no no no no. $15 in shipping costs later, I just return the shoes and say forget it. She can wear her Target sandals until the first freeze.

Luckily for Kenley, she is sporting some sassy shoes! )Did I mention that she is truly wearing a 3?!)